Winners of Stock Market Contest Based on Union Budget 2015

Hello Friends,
It was really heartening to see so many readers participate with great enthusiasm in our Stock Market Contest based on Union Budget 2015. It was a very tough contest as readers were expected to pick top 5 stocks from different sectors that would end in positive at market close on budget day. Despite the difficulty level, so many readers participated with great zeal in this fun with learning contest.

The best part about this contest was the spirit of all participants. At the end, we didn’t have a single winner as no single reader could manage to predict 5 stocks ending in positive. But, the stock picks done by several readers were interesting and many readers came too close to winning. I hereby declare all the participants of this contest as ‘True Winners’. Each one of the participant deserves a big round of applause for taking up this challenge sportingly and trying their analysis to pick 5 high performing stocks that had potential to do great on budget day. This shows that all of them are willing to learn, do research and analysis on their own. It is a very encouraging sign and I am sure it will help them all in the long run. For now, a good pat on your back for playing the contest in the perfect positive spirit! Keep up the good work.

For those who love participating in contests, there is a very big ongoing contest based on Cricket World Cup 2015. You can participate in this contest till 14th March’2015 at the following link:Cricket World Cup 2015 Contest Based on Indian Stock Market.

Good Luck to all for the above contest and many such future contests!

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