Winner Announcement for Stock-based India-South Africa Cricket World Cup 2015 Contest

Dear Friends,
First of all, hearty congratulations to Indians all over the world on the wonderful victory registered by Team India in its World Cup 2015 encounter against South Africa. It was a great display of team effort by our team and we truly played like defending WC champions. Thanks a lot again for the amazing response for the Stock Market Based Contest For India South Africa Cricket World Cup 2015 Match. It feels amazing to see so many participants enjoying the contests enthusiastically. You all are true winners as participation is most important!

As per the contest guidelines, I am writing this post to announce the winners of that contest. According to the contest rules, this time we have only one winner who has managed to score maximum possible 4 points. The winner who got both guesses right and whose both stocks ended the market day on 23rd Feb’15 in UC is BALVANT ji. It was a tough contest between him, Phani Kankipati ji and Pankjesh ji. However, the other two couldn’t earn the last point as their stock corresponding to MOM player didn’t end in UC.

Heartiest Congratulations to Balvant ji on winning our Indian Stock Market based India-SA CWC 2015 contest. Both your stock picks: Wanbury and Krebs Bio rose and ended the day in Upper Circuit. What an accurate analysis done by you! Keep it up. As part of the prize for winner of this contest, kindly note further details about Balvant ji below (photo and brief introduction):

Information about Balvant ji

Balvant ji


About me – I am a humble, down-to-earth person with a deep faith in God. Academically, I am pursuing my CA Final exams. I am very passionate about Stock Market. I have been investing and trading in stocks since the past 15 years. Back then, I used to bunk my college lectures to reach Bombay Stock Exchange to my broker’s office. I like to learn about a company’s fundamentals before investing, although I also believe in Arvindji’s motto ‘Trend is King’. I want to learn more about the right stock-selection and earn huge profits. I hope Arvindji continues to help us with providing us with his insights on good stock-picks. I have profited from Arvindji’s advice, but I believe this is only the beginning, isn’t it, Arvindji? We will achieve our dream of being multi-billionaires. Thank you for your guidance. It means to lot to me.

Considering such fantastic response to our contests, I shall keep coming in with more contests in order to keep the fun element going for all of us! Like mentioned earlier, participation is most important and I am extremely glad to see all of you participate with great excitement. Stay tuned for a bigger Cricket World Cup 2015 contest!

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