Stock Market Based Contest for India vs South Africa World Cup 2015 Game

India Vs South Africa WC 2015 Match

Dearest Friends,
Considering the overwhelming response I received for the first contest on this blog, I am now launching the second contest based on Indian stock market and Cricket World Cup 2015! India managed to win convincingly against Pakistan in their first encounter of this WC 2015 tournament. In their second match, India will compete against South Africa on Sunday, 22nd February’2015 at MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground), Australia.In fact, even the final of Cricket World Cup 2015 will be held at MCG venue. For detailed information about this Cricket World Cup 2015 event, you can check out the link here.

This new contest will definitely require you to ‘Predict the Winner’ of the India-SA CWC 2015 match. Apart from that, you will have to pick 2 best stocks that have the potential to do well on the next market day following the match. You can participate in this contest from now till the morning of Sunday, 22nd Feb’2015 (up to 8 a.m. IST). Please go through the below mentioned contest guidelines and participate actively in it.

Rules to participate in contest based on India vs South Africa World Cup 2015 match and Indian Stock Market

  1. You have to accurately guess the winner of Indo-SA WC 2015 match i.e. you need predict who would emerge victorious in the Cricket World Cup 2015 game between India and South Africa. Only if you guess this right, you will earn 1 point and will be eligible for the winner prize.

  2. You have to guess who will win the ‘Man of the Match’ award for that game. If your guess is right, you will earn 1 point and will then be eligible for the winner prize.

  3. Pick two of the best stocks that you think would do well on Monday, 23rd February 2015 (since on Sunday, markets are closed). Both stocks need to end the day on 23rd Feb’15 in UC (Upper Circuit). One stock will correspond to the team that you thing will win and the other stock will correspond to the player you think will be ‘Man of the Match’ for that game.

  4. You will earn 2 points if your winning team stock hits UC and the same team wins. Similarly, you will earn 2 more points if your chosen player wins MOM award and your stock for that player ends in UC.

  5. You will get only 1 point if your chosen player gets MOM, but your stock (corresponding to the player) doesn’t end in UC. Similarly, you will get only 1 point if your chosen team wins the game, but your team stock doesn’t end in UC.

  6. For example, you will get total 2 points if your prediction about winning team (say India winning) comes true and if your chosen stock for India (say SBI) ends the day in UC. If your guess about winning team is not correct, you cannot earn any points and cannot win the contest i.e. it is mandatory to guess the correct winning team.

  7. For example, if your chosen MOM player (say MS Dhoni) wins the award and the corresponding stock (say ICICI) ends in UC, then you will earn total 2 points. This means even if your stock ICICI (example only) ends in UC, you won’t get any points if MS Dhoni doesn’t get MOM award.

  8. So, a potential winner of this contest needs to get 4 guesses correct: the winning team, the winning team stock ending in UC, the Man of the Match player and the MOM player stock. Thus, a total of 4 points is the highest you can score in this game.

  9. All the above answers should be written by you in only 1 comment below. Example of participant comment would be “I guess India will win the match and MS Dhoni will be MOM (Man of the Match). My two stocks are: SBI (for India) and ICICI (for MS Dhoni).”

  10. Only 1 comment entry is allowed per member.

  11. No other comments except doubts about this contest or final entries from participants will be accepted.

  12. The contest starts from today (17th Feb’2015) and participation ends at 8 a.m. (IST) on Sunday, 22nd Feb’2015 (just before the start of India-SA Word Cup 2015 game. So, kindly participate in this contest by commenting only once with your entry below.

  13. Results for the contest will be announced on the morning of Tuesday, 24th February’2015.

Prize for the Winner of the Contest

The winner or winners of this contest will get their picture published in a blog post along with details about them. Apart from them, this contest will test your understanding of the market pattern for the two stocks that you select to perform for you. Of course, it is to celebrate the sporting cricket match between India and South Africa during Cricket World Cup 2015.

I am sure all of you would participate with great enthusiasm in this contest. Please go through the above guidelines once again and you would thoroughly enjoy being a part of this one. As mentioned previously, readers who consistently participate in all contests will also stand a chance for special prizes in the long-term. So, join in the fun and keep track of this contest page!

Note: The above contest is my personal creation to celebrate India’s journey in the Cricket World Cup 2015 on a positive note.

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I am Arvind Bajaj, primarily a renowned textile business man from Surat, Gujarat. I am a big follower of my life coach Dr.Sneh Desai and his preachings along with Money matrix book has had a big influence on my life. My daily dose of motivation to achieve bigger things in life comes from reading “The Secret” book and watching “The Secret” movie.

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67 thoughts on “Stock Market Based Contest for India vs South Africa World Cup 2015 Game

  1. Dinesh

    I guess South Africa will win. MoM : AB de Villiers
    Shree Hari Chemical for South Africa. Take Solutions for AB de Villiers.

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Uma ji,
      To be eligible for the contest, you also have to submit names of two stocks along with winning team and MOM player predictions.

  2. Madhav (madhavg105 in MMB)

    I guess South Africa will win the match and AB De Villiers will be MOM (Man of the Match). My two stocks are: Suzlon Energy(for South Africa) and Celestial Bio Labs (for AB De Villiers).

  3. Sanjeev Srivastava

    India will win and MOM will be Ajinkya Rahane
    Caplin Point Laboratories for team and Integra Engineering for player

  4. Nagendra

    India will win the match MOM: Rohit sharma
    two stocks are 1) Stone india(India) 2) Maxwell Industries(Rohit sharma)

  5. girish151

    Arvind ji……
    Jai shree ganesh maharaj ki…….
    Winning match:India
    Mom:Suresh Raina
    India:Mindteck(india) Ltd.
    SA:Hov Services Ltd.

  6. Arvind Bajaj Post author

    Great to see so many friends participating in this contest. Just 1 more day to go! Keep coming up with your entries and Good Luck all..hahahaha

  7. Sathish kumar G

    South Africa WILL WIN. MOM AB Devilliers.
    My stock picks are Wanbury(South Africa) PG Industry(AB Devilliers).

  8. Soumya V Kumar

    I guess SA will win the match and David Miller will be MOM. My stocks are Indosolar(SA) and Mukta Arts(for David Miller)

  9. Sudharsan

    India will win the match,mom is rohit sharma .stock for India is ybrant digital and stock for South Africa is next mediaworks

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Rupak ji,
      Thanks for your entry. For this contest, you need to pick 1 stock for the winning team (as you have done for India) and another stock for MOM player. And as per the rules, both stocks should hit UC for you to earn corresponding points :)

  10. Sorabh Goenka

    I guess India will win the match and Virat Kohli will be Man of the Match. My two stocks are: Titagarh wagon (for India) and spicejet (for Virat)

  11. Dixit Ranka

    South Africa Will Win and MoM AB Devill
    Stock for win HDIL and for MoM ILandFS Engg

    Requesting you to upload latest portfolio and if possible please provide date too. So that your follower can see the time frame of return and stock which is being added recently.

    Hope you will consider your follower suggestion.

    Dixit Ranka

  12. CA Nigam Sanghavi

    India will win. Man of the match : Raina for Century(Upper circuit)
    Stock for India; Edelweiss financial
    Stock for Raina: Next Media

  13. Viren Dhanak

    Winner – South Africa
    MOM – Amla
    Stock for S.A – intrasoft technologies
    Stock for mom – pipavav defence

  14. karthik pitti

    india will win
    man of the match will be rohit sharma
    for INDIA :- nutraplus product
    for MOM:- odyssey tech

  15. Atul

    many congratulations to all of us.. India broke the chain of loosing to SA in world cup…great show by bat and ball both…

  16. gsbds

    My both stocks ended in UC. But my both assumption about match failed. :( So i got 0 points… Better luck to me in next contest….

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