Do Not Wait: Start Giving on Your Way to Prosperity

Hello Friends,
As most of you must be already knowing that I am highly motivated by the positive thoughts shared in ‘The Secret’ (book and movie). In the earlier post from ‘motivational quotes’ section on this blog, I had discussed about the magical power of ‘giving’. Many of us want to give, but wait for our situation to get better or earn more money before starting to give. It is very common to hear people say “once I become rich and settled, I shall donate part of my wealth and time towards social service, charity and poor people”. However, no one is sure about their definition for ‘being rich’. It is observed that human beings will hardly ever be satisfied with the money that they earn or the time that they have on hand for various activities. In other words, you will never have enough money or time on hand for your contentment. So, it is extremely important to start with whatever little we have. If you look around, there would be plenty of people who are less fortunate than you are. So, be thankful for all that you have and start giving. Its like if you give more, it will eventually open up the door to receive more in future. So, fast-track your route to immense prosperity by continuously giving part of your wealth and time for the welfare of the poor.

If you check the track record of some of the most successful and wealthiest people of the world, you will observe that they started giving even when they weren’t as wealthy as they are now. In fact, since they started giving back to the society, they enjoyed the things that they got in return. As stated earlier, it is a two-way channel: you need to start giving now, to be able to get in abundance in future. Again, you need to ‘give’ with a clear heart without expecting anything in return. Once your intentions are clear, you will experience the magical power of giving and enjoy the fruits over a long term. This is apart from the immense internal satisfaction that you get by giving and helping others in need. A satisfied soul and mind opens up better avenues to receive good things in future.

If you really want to start giving, you can perhaps start by giving 1/10th of your wealth towards charity and the poor. Also, you can spare some time (may be 5-10% of the time you get every month) to spend with the poor children and educate them or help them learn new things in life. The practice of donating 1/10th of your wealth was also followed by the ancient Babylonians as per ‘The Secret’ book. This practice was known as the ‘tithing law’ as per which you can give away 10% of your wealth and riches that you receive. This practice was an important reason for their prosperity and wealthiness. They enjoyed everything in abundance because they were continuously giving a part of their wealth to the needy. Similarly, if you really want to give, don’t wait as there is no better time to start giving money / time then ‘now’. As they say in Hindi ‘Kal Karein so aaj kar, aaj karein so Ab’, please make your present count and explore the ‘jhingalala’ power of ‘giving’.

Please note that above thoughts have been inspired from the Secret book and the Secret movie. I have been a big fan of the thoughts shared by ‘The Secret’ book as well as movie, hence I try to spread my learnings from them as much as I can.

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I am Arvind Bajaj, primarily a renowned textile business man from Surat, Gujarat. I am a big follower of my life coach Dr.Sneh Desai and his preachings along with Money matrix book has had a big influence on my life. My daily dose of motivation to achieve bigger things in life comes from reading “The Secret” book and watching “The Secret” movie.

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29 thoughts on “Do Not Wait: Start Giving on Your Way to Prosperity


    Very nice arvind
    I wished a lot that u write it alwys and it feel good today you wrote
    Giving is a part of us it is not just or getting it is a service to one own self .
    Ever if any one observed that when one give to a poor a needy a child an old anything money or hand to help there is different vibs comes in whole body and give a secret smile to soul . It is fullfillng smile that a soul yearn to get as food

    Thatn you btw when ur birthday

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    • Patil Bhagwan

      Thanks, Arvindji,
      I get opened my eyes. I get started Giving to needfuls from today 1/10 th what ever I willl get from secret Power of positivity.
      Thanks again.

  2. bipinmehrotra

    Thanks for sharing your hearts message..I am doing my bit and shall start helping the needy and the underpriviledged. God bless you in abundance always..

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  3. Anuj

    I am also inspired and motivated by ‘The Secret’, and totally agree with your suggestion. I have seen many people in life having less earning but they are donating a part of their salary every month and also many people having big salary but they are not willing to donate even a single penny. It’s not a generic statement but yes a common observation in real life. It’s all about your heart, the more it’s big the more you feel to help people either you are earning less or more doesn’t matter. Believe in donating to poor people, their wishes will pour every good thing in your life. Thanks

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  4. A Naga Prasad

    Well said Arvind Ji. It gives even more pleasure when we donate to the poor and needy without disclosing our name. The internal satisfaction keeps us humble and thankful lo to Almighty. In turn, we see even better results getting attracted towards us. Thanks for your post.

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  5. Annesh

    Great thoughts from a greater man who selflessly shares the benefits of his hard earned knowledge.

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  6. Kunal Dhiman

    Arvind ji,
    Thank you for sharing such a motivational qoute with us.A wonderful article by a kind hearted man.

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  7. Md Hashim

    Sir u r really doing a great job. My religiob suggest me to give 2.5% of mt wealth. That I follow. And if I earn thru ur reco from share market I will surely donate 10% as per ur wish

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    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      what ever we give will multiply and come back to us,i have expereinced in my personal life!

  8. yuvraj

    Very true Arvindji…Realy it feels great when we can give a smile and help to needy person.
    One more thing now a days we cannot relay on NGO…. not very sure if they utilize the fund properly for required purpose.
    Arvindji can you start small initiative were we all willing friends can contribute and these funds will be donated to needy once….this way we all will be able to help and the money will also be used for ryt purpose……its just an idea..if you like…

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      not yet thought of this yuvraj ji, u can contribute on ur own to some people around u to fullfil their needs.

    • Karthik

      I agree with Yuvraj. Please start some initiative from your end, we will contribute.
      I am also doing this in my village but not regularly.


      • Arvind Bajaj Post author

        not getting enough time right now karthiki ji, u can contribute for welfare of people around u in ur society and also for cows.

  9. girish151

    Jackpot King ji,
    Jai shree ganesh ji, Maharaj ki,
    Thank’s arvind ji, for spreading good Quotes to everybody, The day before yesterday I unexpectedly received call from Samarthanam Trust Bangalore for disabled education, I am happy to donating all the time, ha ha ha oooowu ooowu Thank’s to Universe ji, Always in my mind helping to others people, their smile touching to my soul,
    Once again thank you arvind ji,

    Great fan

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  10. RK

    Dear Mr Bajaj,
    Thank you for always sharing something positive. My parents also say that give people more than they expect to get. You are an inspiration. Keep guiding us & showing us the way. Surely you have touched so many lives in so many ways. God bless you with the best.
    Warm Rgds,

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  11. Ajay Gupta

    Realy inspiring. I am on the job to make the earth greener by inspiring others too. We have planted 450 trees this month. And next month again we hope to plant 500 trees. Every month we wish to fulfil our goal.



  13. Bhavi

    Sir, I would like to ask you one thing if you do not mind. There are so many people in this world who just keep on giving. But still they are unhappy & they do not get anything in life. Aisa kyun hota hai? This is just to understand & grow. I am 18 yrs of age & would like to learn from your experience & knowledge. Would like to apologize if I was wrong in asking this question. Many thanks. Best wishes Sir.

  14. satya

    Arvind bhai, Main thing you are educating the people towards humanity.this is what we required now a days. Hats off to you .
    God bless you

  15. Shrinivas Pangnurwar

    I fully agree it was when i started sharing life started sharing with me the things i liked truely i fully agree when we give without remembering lady luck takes its majestic course i have experienced.

    Really appreciating you shared this needs big heart for this.

  16. rajesh verma

    Hi Arvind ji, below is my portfolio
    IDFC 25 shares at 153, marksan pharma 83 shares at 95, tata motors 10 shares at 400, nectar life 100 shares at 38.5 and manali petro 120 shares at 33.

    I invest around 10000 rs every month.How is my portfolio and which stock i should put more focus on. how to split my 10000 per month investment. My time frame is 10 years and more. How much should i expect from such portfolio or anything that you want to suggest. I lost 10 lakh in trading 2 years back. Now started small investments to earn money more wisely and patiently. Need support of a person like you.

    Rajesh Verma

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