Arvind Bajaj Methods of Investing in Indian Stock Market


Dear Friends,
As you are aware that stock market trading carries certain amount of risk. So, before you proceed further to take decisions about stock market investment, please ask the following questions to yourself:
-Am I ready to stay invested in stock market without getting worried about daily ups and downs of the stock prices?
-Do I have a major source of income which allows me to invest a small percentage in stock market?
-Have I already invested enough money in more reliable investment options like PPF, Bank FDs, Gold, Real Estate, etc.?
-Do I have good control over my instincts and can I follow some golden rules for stock market investment?

If your answer to the above questions is “YES”, please proceed further and read the below mentioned Arvind Bajaj’s guidelines or golden rules or Arvind Bajaj methods of investing to be imbibed before you invest in stock markets:

1. Invest your own money / capital in stock markets.

2. Make sure your family’s basic needs are fulfilled before setting aside some capital for investing in stock markets.

3. Investment in stock market should be done only after you have done secured investments in PPF, Bank Fixed Deposits, Gold, NSCs, etc.

4. Never take a loan (personal loan or from friends) to invest money in stock market.

5. Invest maximum 5% of your capital in any one particular stock after your own analysis.

6. Always consider technical views for a stock in addition to fundamental analysis of a company before investing in it’s shares. The same would be applicable to all.

7. If you are following views of others on some stocks, do it properly after carrying out your own research & analysis.

8. Check out news and updates related to every stock on a daily basis on this blog site. It will help you to understand different stock discussions that happen over here.

9. Do not get affected by some price dips in stock markets as they require patience and if you don’t have it, please do not invest in stocks.

10. Do not average out significantly in any stock as it would often result in investing more than 5% capital in that stock.

11. Whenever you invest money in stock market, assume you have invested with a lock-in period of 2-3 years. You would mint in tonnes if you think long term.

12. Never invest capital that you will need back in few months time in the stock market. It could put unwanted pressure on you.

13. Always remember that stock markets are just a good investment alternative that could fetch you amazing returns. Never rely on it for your main source of income.

14. Whenever target is achieved in any of the stocks based on the discussions here, it is a good idea to sell shares (of that company) equivalent to the amount invested to earn profit and stay invested in the remaining shares of that company as bonus shares for long term. Keep following the relevant stock pages on this blog to avoid missing such updates about any stock discussions.

15. The profit you make in stock markets can be used to re-invest when the markets become bearish.

16. Never run away from a bearish stock market as people who invest smartly during bearish markets are the ones who mint more money when the markets become bullish. Always remember that it’s a cycle; whatever goes down will come up one day.

17. It is always important to keep track of the current trend in stock market. For example, you need to keep yourself ready to sell some slow-moving stocks (for companies which might not have some good announcements or results) and re-invest in a better stock after few days / weeks / months of initial investment.

18. Do not greed more even if market is over-bullish and stick to above golden rules with regards to stock market investment.

19. Keep following this blog if you want to know how to mint money with good stock technical discussions. Please learn to do analysis of your own before investing your money in stocks or consult a certified financial advisor.

20. With proper followers, regular reading and learning, we can become the largest and happiest group of investors in Indian stock markets.

21. To always develop a bullish outlook, keep reading motivational books like “The Secret” or watch movie with the same name.

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I am Arvind Bajaj, primarily a renowned textile business man from Surat, Gujarat. I am a big follower of my life coach Dr.Sneh Desai and his preachings along with Money matrix book has had a big influence on my life. My daily dose of motivation to achieve bigger things in life comes from reading “The Secret” book and watching “The Secret” movie.

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  1. Yash

    We all love you Arvind ji,thanks for the efforts, but you take care of yourself,i know you want to help everyone but dont stress to much,the blog is excellent.

  2. girish151

    Arvind ji,
    Many times I have sent you message in mmb, but mmb moderator has not approved my message for display. It is interesting to buy Money matrix book and secret book. Please send the which edition I can buy. If you have time, please send me the online purchase links for these 2 books.
    Thank you Arvindji!

    Thanks and Regards,

  3. singhthetiger

    Thank you Arvindji and God bless you. Your blog is simply excellent. We will definitely become the happiest group of investors.

  4. Ramanathan

    You seem to be a very interesting person and I loved your blog theme. I am 65 and learnt day trading well but now I feel that I should follow you.

    Jai Gurudev,

  5. vikram thakur

    Dear Arvindji,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful effort you have put into this much awaited blog of yours. We all love to read your post and have positively earned from your recommendations. Personally, I also attended Dr.Sneh Desai’s mind power programme after reading about him in your post. Thank you once again!

  6. Sachin Kumar Jain

    Excellent guidelines and golden rules to be followed strictly. I have been following you for so many months now. I am really happy to see our own blog. Really happy and blessed to be a part of your followers family Arvindji. The jhingalala party continues!


    I am following you from a few days Arvindji. I find you an interesting personality and your recommendations working superbly. You are immensely helpful for ambitious and small investors. May god bless you with all success everyday. Thanks a lot once again!

  8. vikas

    Dear Arvindji,
    Please share the stock analysis techniques used by you for selecting the stocks. Looking forward to your tips on technical analysis.


  9. Ram

    Excellent investment guidelines for new investors who suffer to get the right information to invest. The 5th point is key to everyone otherwise they really need to maintain 9th point and always good to follow 11th point (Arvind bhai get less queries, if they follow 11th)
    12th point was about maintaining caution and 16th will definitely lead to minting tonnes in future. Thanks a lot Arvind Bhai!

  10. Sathish kumar G

    Thanks for starting this wonderful blog Arvindji. This is gsk2006 here. Now, we all can stay connected with you in this blog along with MMB. Thanks once again!

  11. Neha Ahuja

    Dear Arvind ,
    I congratulate and thank you for writing this blog , another step towards an exceptional and unconditional service for investors in stock market . This would definitely not have been easy . I thank you from the core of my heart and I must say that you have a diamond heart . I wish all the positivity and happiness for you.


  12. BG1981

    Sir jii !! Jay Shree Ganeshji Maharaj Ki !!

    Yes we will definitely become the largest and happiest group of investors in Indian stock markets. Thanks a lot Sir jii !! Hats off to you !!!

  13. a jyothi

    Our Dearest Arvindji,
    You do a lot for your friends and after entering into friendship with you, we have become luckiest people in the world. Thank you so much!

  14. neeraj

    Dear Arvind sir,
    Thank you very much for such wonderful guidelines. It would be very helpful to me before investing in any stock.

  15. Bina

    Dear Arvindji,

    Very nice initiative from you for the good of all investor community. You are a master in identifying potential multibaggers and so kind that you want to share wit with your followers without any expectations. Hats off to you. I look forward to be benefitted by your wisdom soon.

  16. pnjani


    Your Guidelines are not just guidelines, but they are Universal Truth Like Sun Rises Daily in the East.

    If a Person with Reasonable IQ, who follow your guidelines, then he will always be a winner in Stock Market. But, the fact is very different. After reading from your blog, a parson start investing and he will earn definitely. After a period of time this person feels that he can do it better without any bodies guidelines and starts taking hazardous decision and loose money what he earned and in addition from his pocket too.

    Now the real story begin. Person start speeding news to his friends and relatives that stock market is a hub for gamblers and there are many blogs and sites are syndicates of cheater…bla..etc.

    If you analyze the whole situation, then, you will find that the gentlemen had not ‘strictly’ followed guidelines and hence could not make profits.

    This is not the buttering to Shri Arvind ji and I have also voted that this is an average blog. I think still better can be done. I am not an active investor in Stock Market. I do invest for long term only in delivery mode.

    Why I wrote here that since last six months I have tracked Arvind ji’s recommendations and observed that more than 90 % of them are fetching in earning mode if one would have hold it at least for three months. Let me clarify that I have not invested any of the stock recommended by Arvind Ji, but now onwards I will invest if at all it passes through my parameters. You are doing a good work, Arvind Ji.

    With regards,

  17. A Naga Prasad

    Thank you, Mr Arvind for the guidance. I wish to browse regularly and keep in touch with you. All the best for your sincere efforts in helping so many people.

  18. Kiran

    Dear Arvindji,
    I have been reading your posts on mmb for last few weeks and visited this site of yours today. Thank you so much for all that you have you been doing to help & educate new investors, both on mmb and on this site. May God bless you with everlasting happiness, good health, success in life.
    Thank you again.

  19. manoj

    Gurudev. mazaa aaa gaya…will keep in touch through the blog as well tryagainmanoj. Keep laughing and spread the same.

  20. AZAD CHANDRA SEKHAR (MotherSriram)

    Well said Arvindji..having control over instincts and being patient are two key
    factors in stock investing..learnt in a hardest way after burning fingers.. Thanks a million…

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Azad ji,
      You are always welcome. Keep having patience and you will continue enjoying the money rain!

  21. SRI_SONU

    Awww this is wonderful note given by you
    even i am trying to fallow a 5% rule
    have made many mistake by putting lot of money in one stock mostly during high market although i had nt earned much but i have hope that it will come with his grace and above all i have received a beautiful teaching of 5% from you and lots of help from MMB whom i am fallowing

    Kinds Reagrds

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Sonu ji,
      Continue sticking to these methods of investment and you will continue enjoying the money rain..hahahaha!

  22. girish151

    Arvind ji..
    Jai shree ganesh maharaj ki…..
    I already taken your golden rules in print out and my goal in my room wall ….. ha ha ha

  23. Phreaker

    Dear Ajvindji,

    This was an excellent guidelines for investment. Have learn many things from these and I must say you are very good in money management and very much impress from you.

    Great work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    May god bless all of us with tonnes of money $$$$$$$

  24. Umesh

    dear Arvind ji,

    I am feeling like I have already got the jackpot after reaching at your blog. The way you express your views without expecting anything in return that is really inspiring .

    Thank you so much and god bless you . I will be eagerly waiting for your recommendations as I start my journey in stock market .

    Umesh Mishra


    dear Arvind ji,
    i have tried to contact you trough msg on your facebook account by reading which u will find everything about myself i have impressed with your rules for trading in share market and wants to follow you pls read my msg which was done on 3rd jan 2015 time 12.35 pm

  26. VIJAY

    Dear Arvind nice to be in contact with a person with so much positive energy.Really appreciate the work u are doing.

  27. SJ

    Arvind Ji.. Your instruction points 1,2,3,4 reflects ur mannerism and caring about ur followers. Excellent. I am your new follower..!!


    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Thanks for your appreciation SJ ji. Kindly join me in spreading awareness about these methods of investment among every stock market investor.

  28. subhro banerjee

    dear arvindji. thank you for your valuable advice.your golden rules are truely helpfull for retail best wishes to yoy .

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      You are always welcome Subhro ji. Glad that these methods were helpful and hope you enjoy money rain forever.

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Thanks for the appreciation HP Sharma ji. To get best benefits out of this blog, you can subscribe to our email newsletter for regular updates about all articles posted here.

  29. Sreedevi Rajesh

    Dear Aravindji

    Thanks for guiding with such rules which is always helpful to people who are new to the market and will always keep this rules in my mind before investing. You are doing a great job, helping and guiding others selflessly. God bless!

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      You are welcome Sreedevi ji. Spread awareness about such useful investment methods with your colleagues, friends, etc. Keep following this blog for regular updates by subscribing to our email newsletter. Keep minting in tonnes!

  30. Bhavin Mehta

    Sir, how many stocks one should have in his portfolio?
    I mean how should one maintain balance between diversification and concentration. And what 5% max in a stock you mentioned is % of investment cost OR % of Present worth?
    Awaiting your valuable reply.

  31. sandeep Gaurat

    Excellent Golden Rules, Today I registered in your blog, i am strong about to find fundamentally strong stocks , but unable to do the analysis on the basis of Technical ground, Kindly guide me which Theory is more effective in technical analysis , Which theory you applied while doing technical analysis.

  32. Paresh Gujarati

    Thank you Sir,
    These are the wonderful tips shared by you. Will always keep in mind.
    I like this tip very much i.e. No.14

    “Whenever target is achieved in any of the stocks based on my analysis, I generally sell shares (of that company) equivalent to the amount invested to earn profit and stay invested in the remaining shares of that company as bonus shares for long term. Keep following the relevant stock pages on this blog to avoid missing such updates about my personal stock views”.

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Thanks Paresh ji. Keep following this blog for useful stock discussions, positive quotes and positive news.

  33. vivek

    Thank you Arvind bhai, I just watched the secret and It was awesome, Thank you for referring me the movie, its really valuable in life :)

  34. Rajesh Gaya wale

    Excellent Golden Rules, Today I registered in your blog, i am strong about to find fundamentally strong stocks , but unable to do the analysis on the basis of Technical ground, Kindly guide me which Theory is more effective in technical analysis , Which theory you applied while doing technical analysis.

    Rajesh Gaya wale

  35. Abhishek Saran

    Dear Arvind Ji,thanks for showing us the way forward to invest in some good scripts.Iam regularly following you and hope to mint money in future.Thanks once again. And a request, kindly add my email I’d in your followers list.regards Abhishek

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      You are welcome Abhishek ji. Kindly subscribe to our email list from the main page of this blog.

  36. Narendra Patel

    Thank You very much Arvindji for this blog.

    Every one is benefited from your blog by way of learning and earning.

    Thanks & Regards
    Narendra Patel

  37. Fan of arvind ji

    Arvind ji ,

    I have just started following ur blog and it looks awesome.

    I wonder why you have not added SUZLON in your portfolio ?

    Ur Fan

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Gargi ji, Welcome to the world of stock market. Just keep following the mentioned investment guidelines and think positively. You would soon enjoy the money rain!

  38. Ashish

    Dear Arvind ji you have given superb guidelines. Ignoring these, I think, is nothing but only hitting axe on own legs. I appreciate your effort and wish to continue in future with same zeal. GOOD LUCK.

  39. K.K.Rao

    Thanks Arvindji, about the investment suggestions, really helps everyone. God bless you – KKRao

  40. mayank

    mr arvind, aap ne likha hai ki you r not certified expert,anlyst.etc.. to me puchhta hu aap se ki MIRA BAI> NARSINH MEHTA> yah log kaun si university me gaye the? ki jinki likhi kavita ke upar Phd ho raha hai.


  41. rajneesh kaundal

    thank you arvind ji for giving such wonderful insight.i am new to the
    stock market and started trading just one month back.this information is really helpful to all new traders.will follow you continuously sir..once again thankyou very much

  42. Anuj

    Great Job Arvind Ji. I have just subscribed and appreciate your efforts for good cause. I have already seen the secret movie and I watch it every time when I feel uncomfortable with any situations

  43. puneet

    Arvind sir
    Pls suggest about these stocks
    Indocount @708rs and astec lifesecience@182 and tata motor dvr@315,i m long term invester and keep ths upto 2or 3 yr.thnxs

  44. Vivek

    Thanks Arvindji, really you are performing good job to help all stock market investors with golden rules of investment.

  45. Vivek

    Is it proper time to infuse fresh fund in the market or wait for some time, if then in which stocks, please advice me.

  46. John

    Dear Arvind,
    I am holding 7000 shares of deep industries with more than 50% profit…do u feel its a hold or should I remove my capital.

  47. ajay verma

    Dear sir plz add me ihave a great need of your suggestions caz in last year’s I lost a huge capital so plz sir add me

    I shall be higjly obliged to u….

  48. rkmisra

    you are our MODIJI and KALAM,
    I pray your long life
    I want to know your view on fluiodomat,can i buy at this price?
    2ndly your latest JACKPOT call
    I never find a scope to buy your call before 100% price increase.
    please mail me my answer.
    thanking you.

  49. Arun

    Arvindjee, After loss of Rs. 70000 in stock market I found you. After going through your website I came to you are such kind of people who doesn’t says to invest blindly. You’r advising your follower friends how to invest also. Thanks for your helping nature. Following with my rest of 30000 capital. Sincerely need your guide for bright future. Thanking You………

  50. Abhijeet Bhonsle

    Dear Arvind Ji,

    I am foloowing you on MMB and also on WWW please let me about new stocks to be invested please let me know when u give tips of buying i have seen most of times u telling book profits n clear stock


    Dear Sir, I am holding 10000 syncom formula at present @ 13/-. kindly tell me whther i can hold or book loss & invest in another good company?


  52. Geeta

    Sir , can you add me on whatshop. How to follow you on money cantrol I registered myself on mm but I am unable to understand themassages

  53. bhartesh

    i have inherited a few scrips from my mother. now worth 15L. but i know little of stock market. although i have realised certain analysts say “sell” then you must “buy” and vice a versa. I am thoroughly pleased and impressed by the reputation you have obviously earned.
    thank you for your tips.
    i keep reading of a book “Secrets”
    would you kindly state the full name of book with the author.
    Thank you.


    Dear Mr. Arvind,
    Have heard a lot about you. Very much pleased to be a part of huge family of your fans.
    Inder Kumar Shringey

  55. Gaurav patel

    Very nice initiative from you for the good of all investor community. You are a master in identifying potential multibaggers and so kind that you want to share wit with your followers without any expectations. Hats off to you.I had mail you and even message on mmb but moderator are not displaying. Please follow me at gauravpate1979.


    Dear Mr. Arvind,
    I am a fresher and want to invest in Adani Enterprises(100 Shares), Axis Bank(100 Shares), Ajanta Pharma(100 Shares), Infy(50 Shares), Havells(100 Shares), Tech Mahindra(50 Shares), TCS(25 Shares), Voltas(100 Shares) and Wipro(100 Shares).
    Please advise.
    Inder Kumar Shringey

  57. Nagaraj

    I want suggestion from u I m medium term n long term investor as saw all compliment to u is so great
    I new member fresh investor to share market I want stock tips daily basis to for may be short, medium, long term investment please tell how to know that stock how can follow u how can see ur multi bagger suggestion please follow me

  58. Pathak Puneet

    Sir,I have shivam auto and trident ,Tamil Nadu petro.pls suggest should I hold it and suggest new stocks also hold period 6mnth…..

  59. basu02

    hats off to you ARVIND ji
    i am a student ,i am a big fan of you BOSS from past few moths i have been following you on MMB and website its great, learnt a lot from you BOSS . thank u soooo Much Boss , at present m trading in moneybhai a virtual trading platform for beginners(money-control )

  60. satyanarayana davuluri

    Dear Arvindji, Kindly add me in your contact list. I am new to and gone through your messages and all are benefiting every investor. I have sent some posts to you on I do not know whether they have been delivered to you or not. Kindly follow me on My ID on is “satya1699″.

  61. Kamal

    Hello Arvind Ji,

    I am new to your site and in Equity Market, Can you please let me know how to find you Jackpot advice where and when.

    Is there any advice where i can invest, till now i have invested Alpa lab, Morepen and dishman. All are on margins only.


  62. sanjeev

    great blog sir and nice suggestion i recieved
    lucky to have you in my life my life in jingalala mood now just because of you thanks so much


    SIR, I have a doubt regarding profit booking , suppose a stock gone up and we book the profit equivalent to the capital we invested , and keeping the remaining shares in that stock as bonus share .. 1) good that we got our money back , but if suppose the market become bearish after our profit booking the bonus shares will lose its value .. so how to deal with this? is it not better to sell all shares during profit booking and enter again when the market is down ?? sorry i am not able to understand this logic of keeping the remaining shares invested in a bearish market . if some one can explain i will be great full . thanks JAMES K J .

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