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Your Goals Should be Big Enough for Others to Laugh at them

I have observed that majority of the people read motivational books, motivational quotes or watch motivational movies / songs to keep going strong in life. In fact, you are reading this post because even you are seeking motivation from all quarters. Thus, it is pretty evident that you need to stay motivated throughout your life. And one of the biggest factors that helps you do that is being ambitious and having high goals in life.

Now, how do you define your goals? For some people, going abroad is a goal in life, while for some others, it may be buying a car. Now, what will be your reaction if I tell you that my goal in life is to earn atleast a 11-figure annual income, have more than 10 crore followers for this blog and help more than 10 crore people earn money or get employment? I am sure you would laugh at these goals thinking that I have gone crazy. You might argue that most of my goals are unrealistic. However, for me the biggest motivation will be only when you laugh at my goals thinking I cannot achieve them. This means I have raised the bar of my goals to such levels that people think they cannot be achieved. But, I am an optimist and I think positively about these goals every moment of my life. I know what I need to do to reach there and I will leave no stone unturned. These goals are long-term goals and will be achieved with consistent efforts, smart work and positive thinking. The same applies for all.

If your goals are not considered unrealistic by many, then, probably they are not big enough and you need to raise their bar. Don’t worry about the end results. Just be positive, work hard, do good things and results will take care of themselves. During goal setting, write down your goals on pieces of paper and stick them in your bedroom, on your office desk, in your cupboard and near the mirror. You will be reminded about your goals every day. The biggest advantage of keeping such high goals is that they are long-term which ensures you are motivated for a long period of time. As one of the famous quotes go: “If you are really passionate about something, the whole universe conspires together to make it happen for you!”

So, what are you waiting for? Raise the bar for your goals, remind yourself about them everyday and be positive about them throughout. You simply have to breathe your goals day in and day out without losing focus. Keep telling yourself that you will achieve them one day and watch the miracle unfold!

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I am Arvind Bajaj, primarily a renowned textile business man from Surat, Gujarat. I am a big follower of my life coach Dr.Sneh Desai and his preachings along with Money matrix book has had a big influence on my life. My daily dose of motivation to achieve bigger things in life comes from reading “The Secret” book and watching “The Secret” movie.

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