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*Upper Circuit Update* Targeting Multibagger levels with Tyche Industries Stock

Quickest Big Party Update for Tyche Industries Stock
Dear Friends,
The jhingalala party is in full swing for Tyche Industries stock. This stock hits 20% UC today (July 9, 2015) after it was suggested on the night of July 7, 2015 around price levels of Rs.35. The Tyche CMP (as on July 9, 2015) is Rs.46.55. That’s a huge party in every sense of the word! More than 30% returns in just 2 trading sessions. This is true multibagger rally! Hope many of you must have enjoyed the great returns in this counter. Keep minting money always and enjoy the super duper money rain in our lives…Stay happy and keep smiling..hahahahaha!

Stock Upmove Party

Dear Friends,
This post is to highlight the multibagger potential in a new chemicals sector stock. Stock market investors looking out for hidden gems or top value pick may check out Tyche Industries stock price and its higher levels. By adding Tyche Industries shares at CMP of around Rs.35 (as on July 7, 2015), retail investors can earn decent profits over a time period of 6-7 months. To make any valuable investments in Indian equities, it is necessary to have a strict price level for exit trigger. For Tyche industries stock, the exit trigger should be placed around Rs.27. So, if the Tyche stock price breaks the level of Rs.27, then, investors should come out of this trending stock. There is estimation of strong bullish trend in Tyche in upcoming 6 months with potential to reach significantly higher levels of Rs.48 to Rs.55 to Rs.65. Please note this is my personal stock view based on my own stock analysis and investors are advised to consult certified stock analysts before taking any stock buy decision.

Let’s check out Tyche Industries current market price, potential higher price levels, Tyche industries background and similar fundamentals. Readers are welcome to share their technical views on Tyche industries as per its charts.

Tyche Industries BSE Id – 532384
Tyche Industries NSE Id – Not Listed
Tyche Industries Current Market Share Price (as on July 7, 2015)- INR 35

Arvind Bajaj’s Bullish Views on multibagger stock Tyche Industries

Tyche Industries share price is expected to go on a bullish trend in near future. The retail investors who can hold this stock for a period of 6-7 months after buying the shares at around entry price levels of Rs.33 to Rs.37 by calculating the returns based on estimated high levels (as per own stock analysis and consultation with any certified stock experts). As per personal stock research and trend following, the Tyche Industries expected higher stock price levels are Rs.48 to Rs.55 to Rs.65 in 6-months time period.

My Personal Bullish Expected Levels for Tyche Industries StockRs.48 to Rs.55 to Rs.65 (in 6-7 months)

Background for Tyche Industries Limited

Tyche Industries is a pioneer and market leader for manufacturing of APIs & Advanced Intermediates of APIs, with headquarters in Hyderabad, the Pharmaceutical and Biotech hub of India.

You can access further information about Tyche Industries Ltd at: Tyche Industries Official Website

Please note that I always stick to basic guidelines before investing in the Indian stock market as I believe it will help you to stay patient and make profits in the long run. My methods for investing in stocks that I follow are:
Arvind Bajaj’s Methods of Stock Investment

NOTE: The above information is completely my own personal take / view / discussion on Tyche Industries stock (of Chemicals sector) after my analysis for this multibagger stock addition (investment in Tyche shares). I seek views and opinions of all readers to know more about these Tyche Industries shares. I am not at all a certified Stock Analyst or Stock Broker or Research Analyst. All my readers of this blog are advised to perform their own analysis and consult any authorized research analyst or financial advisor before taking their investment decision.

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