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Stock Market Based Fun Contest on Union Budget 2015 to Pick Top 5 Sector Stocks for Budget Day

Dearest Friends,
The Union Budget 2015 is going to be declared on Saturday, 28th Feb 2015. In fact, even the Indian stock market will be open on Budget day i.e. 28th February 2015. There is high anticipation in the air and increased expectations from the new government under Narendra Modi. Every budget brings lots of positive news for different sectors and this time it is going to be the same. Only time will tell which sectors will benefit most from the Budget announced by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on 28th Feb’2015. Turning this uncertainty into a challenge for all you intelligent readers, I am announcing a new Stock Market contest based on Union Budget 2015. Kindly go through the rules for this Union Budget 2015 fun contest for all stock market investors and blog readers.

Union Budget 2015 and Stock Market Contest Rules for Participation

  1. You can participate in this contest starting from today (Thursday, 26th Feb’2015) till 9 a.m. IST on Saturday, 28th February’2015. This is because the budget for India will be announced on that day and even the stock market will remain open for everyone.

  2. You need to predict 5 sectors which would benefit from the budget and pick 1 stock from each of those sectors.

  3. For every sector stock that ends the market day on 28th Feb’15 in positive, you will earn 1 point.

  4. It is mandatory to get all 5 stocks (from different sectors) in positive at the end of 28th Feb’15. Only then will you be eligible for the contest prize.

  5. If all 5 stocks are in positive, then, we would give 1 extra point for every stock that ends in Upper Circuit on 28th Feb’15. So,after earning the minimum 5 points for 5 positive stocks from different sectors, you can still earn 5 more points if all 5 of them end in UC.

  6. Please remember that if you pick two stocks from same sector, you won’t be eligible for this contest. So pick 5 stocks with each stock belonging to a different sector that would end in positive on Budget day.

Prize for Winner of this Union Budget plus Stock Market Contest

The winner or winners of this contest will get their picture published in a blog post along with details about them. You can take this opportunity to communicate any good message to a large number of readers..

This contest would be a real test of your stock analytic skills as well as pre-budget analysis skills. It will be interesting to see if any of us can identify the best sectors for stock investment post budget starting from the budget day itself. Get going now! Please read the guidelines properly before participating in the contest. All the BEST!

Note: The above Stock-based Union Budget 2015 contest is my (Arvind Bajaj’s) personal creation to celebrate the new positive policies to be undertaken by our new government and Finance Minister. The above information is purely my own personal take / view / discussion on Union Budget 2015. I am not at all a certified Stock Analyst or Stock Broker or Research Analyst. All my readers of this blog are advised to perform their own analysis and consult any authorized research analyst or financial advisor before taking their investment decision.

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