Staying Ahead Of Market: Caplin Point Labs Enters Agreement with Leading Global Pharma Company Fresenius Kabi USA

Hello Friends,
One of the key factors to succeed in stock markets is to stay ahead and follow the trend as “Trend is the King”. Based on this belief, I added Caplin Point stock to portfolio few weeks back and now it has given more than 100% profits. The best part is it has still managed to continue its rally. Another good move on part of this pharma company is that it has tied up with a leading global pharmaceutical company Fresenius Kabi USA, LLC by entering into a mutual licensing and distribution agreement. As part of this agreement, Caplin Point Labs would be responsible for development and manufacturing of identified parenteral products. On the other hand, Fresenius Kabi USA would be holding these ANDAs as well as commercialize them in USA.

Based on the above news, the Caplin Point share price rose almost 5% today (as on 6th April’2015). This proves that once you invest in good stocks that are trending, you increase the chances of enjoying plenty of rallies in the same. Eventually, your belief would be rewarded with lots of things working in favor of the company. The tie-up with a leading pharma player like Fresenius is a big thing for Caplin Labs. The agreement is product specific for USA and the contract features two products as of now. Milestone payments for 2 products have already been received by Caplin Point company and the product development cum dossier preparation has just begun.

It would be interesting to see the future trend in Caplin Point Labs following such positive activities. One thing is for sure, our patience with this stock has rewarded big gains. If we keep up with the trend, good news would follow the stocks in which we invest. Keep minting always and enjoy the money rain..hahahaha!

NOTE: The above information is purely my own personal take / view / discussion on Caplin Point stock after my analysis along with the news published in the source website mentioned above. I am not at all a certified Stock Analyst or Stock Broker or Research Analyst. All my readers of this blog are advised to perform their own analysis and consult any authorized research analyst or financial advisor before taking their investment decision.

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I am Arvind Bajaj, primarily a renowned textile business man from Surat, Gujarat. I am a big follower of my life coach Dr.Sneh Desai and his preachings along with Money matrix book has had a big influence on my life. My daily dose of motivation to achieve bigger things in life comes from reading “The Secret” book and watching “The Secret” movie.

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6 thoughts on “Staying Ahead Of Market: Caplin Point Labs Enters Agreement with Leading Global Pharma Company Fresenius Kabi USA

  1. Ravinder

    Dear Arvind ji,

    The Caplin run has been phenomenal from the day I entered on your advice,thanks alot.
    Can you please advice any such stocks which can be picked at a lower stage keeping long term in veiw.


  2. Sravani

    Hello Arvindji,
    I just happened to see your blog
    I believe it has the information which is needed for beginning investors. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    Can I enter Caplin labs at cmp? please suggest me on this.
    Thanks in advance

  3. saurav

    i am 1 of your tiny fan .the work you are doing is just great 4 small investors like me. and i thank you from 1 and every corner of my heart..
    as a younger brother of yours i want some advise from you
    right now i am pursuing chartered accountancy final course. and i have huge interest in share market also .but i dont know what to do further to excel my knowledge in share market. to do which course in future to understand markets and stocks. can you suggest any specific course on technical and fundamental understanding of market and stocks or any specific software..or whatever advice to enhance knowledge in share market..iam feeling very confused …kindly assist me.. thank you
    your secret admirer……saurav

  4. saurav

    sir what is your view on navin fluorine holding@690.
    sms pharma holding@480
    laopala@385 kajaria@770
    should i hold or book profits in some stocks

  5. Ashok sharma

    Sir kafi din sa ap ki email ya phone ya koi bhe sadhan nahi mela ap sa anurodh ha ke mare ko ap reg karna ke kripa karena ka kast kare mare per bahout jimedari ha ap jo bhi amount bolo ge ma da dunga ma jayda phara lekha nahei hu ap mare per daya karo mataap par dayakarangi

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