Special Announcement About ABMR for All Friends

Hello Friends,
Jai Shree Ganesh Ji Maharaj Ki. Hope all are in jhingalala mode during this Ganesh Chaturthi! If you remember, we had a discussion on this blog about your preferred brokerage firm and how we planned to open our very own brokerage firm for all you friends.
This post is to announce that we are finally opening a brokerage firm in ‘Arvind Bajaj Money Rain’ (ABMR).

Some key features of this firm will be as follows:
-Special Member’s area will be updated for those who enroll for this firm.
-The registered members will have complete access to well-detailed views on some special stocks, which won’t be discussed on MMB or anywhere else. In other words, these stock views will be exclusively for ABMR members only.
-All stock views and discussions will be thoroughly researched and analysed by the research analysts of our firm ABMR, and these views will be shared with members only after your friend Arvind Bajaj’s approval.
-Further details about how to register, account features, online facilities, etc. will be shared in upcoming days.

Please stay tuned to this blog for further updates. Keep thinking positively and stay happy always!

Your friend,
Arvind Bajaj

I am Arvind Bajaj, primarily a renowned textile business man from Surat, Gujarat. I am a big follower of my life coach Dr.Sneh Desai and his preachings along with Money matrix book has had a big influence on my life. My daily dose of motivation to achieve bigger things in life comes from reading “The Secret” book and watching “The Secret” movie.

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179 thoughts on “Special Announcement About ABMR for All Friends


    Golden days are here With ABMR ONLY…… Arvindji eagerly waiting for updates….& Once again Congratulations….

  2. Sharad Tater

    Finally it is time to be in control, write your own destiny, and enjoy the money rains…. In imagined great fortunes, immense wealth is waiting to be unlocked… Thank you Arvind ji…

  3. swapan k. mondal

    Nice Arvindji. After long period your dreams are going to be happened. We, your followers, were waiting since long. May God bless you in your journey of “money raining to others”. A good thought indeed.

  4. Gourav Maheshwari

    I admire your generous work and now your opening new doors for yourself and for others but sir like as other research and tips providing companies you are going to provide recommendations of good and special stocks to your firm customers only and you will not share those stocks recommendations on mmb for small investors like me and for us doors to earn some money will be closed.

  5. Gaurav Bhargad

    Congratulations Sir :). Thank you for your guidance till now, after 2 years finally i am starting to understand the market and side by side learning technical and fundamental analysis in my MBA. Its true sir markets mostly follow the technical trend though fundamentals also matter a lot. Also after watching and reading The Secret life for me has started turning around. Its true you become what you think so always be positive. You will be glad to know that now only thing negative in me is my blood group O-ve. Finally love your dialouge Jinghalala

  6. Charley

    Arvindjee, is there any priority & additional benefits for a physically disabled person using this brokerage firm?

    Congratulations! This is good news.

  7. iPranay

    This is great Arvindji. Now I can be rest assured that our money is in good hands and that we would get the right guidance from someone we have been trusting over so many years.

    Very good move. Long overdue.

    Jai Jhingalala !


  8. Agnes

    Thank you Arvindji for all your hard work. Congratulations !!! this is good news for all your followers. Can’t wait to open my account with ABMR.

  9. Rajesh Sidhu

    Arvind Ji,

    But how come we have not received email regarding this since we normally get email from this blog of yours, just wanted to make sure if i am not getting email or something else

    Rajesh Sidhu

  10. girish151

    Jackpot king ji,
    Jai shree ganesh ji, Maharaj ki!!
    Today is happiest day in my life, I received many good news today!!
    Thanks arvind ji, Finally Launched ABMR brokerage firm!!

  11. Siddharth

    Hello Sir!
    Congratulations for another great milestone in your life. Thanx for great support. Waiting eagerly for ABMR registration.
    What is your primary method of research, fundamental or technical?


    Thnx Arvind ji ,

    I was eagerly waiting for this move . When & What I have to do to open an account .
    Plz Guide.

  13. vijender singh

    Arvind Bhai Great news, our investors are totally fooled by the brokerage firms…. hope your firm will be a respite from all those firms whose only moto is to suck money from investors……… Hope we will be different….


  14. MANDAR

    Its a great news Sirji !!!
    I would like to open an account with your brokerage firm ABMR & also would like to work in your Research team if given an opportunity :-)
    Jai Shree Ganesh Ji Maharaj Ki !!!

  15. Hitarth Goyal

    That’s a great great news Arvindji, jai Ganeshji maharaji ki, aapki mehnat safal ho aur aap se judey aapke dosto aapka khuub sneh mile aisi main kaamna karta huun. Shubh laabh

  16. prasaadka @ kumbakonam prasaad

    Congratulation sir very great decision you have taken on time please go ahead, it will be very useful for investors like me. great going sir very eagerly awaited desire your are fulfilling sir, looking forward to receive further details about ABMR

  17. Gaurang Desai

    Arvindji congrates and wish grand success for ABRM.
    Good days for small investor are ahead. Who are till now misguided only.
    Kudos to you.

  18. Vinod bhatia

    बहुत बहुत बधाई हो प्रभु आपका मार्ग प्रसस्त करें

  19. Ajay Gupta

    I m delighted to hear about ABMR. I shall feel proud to have this membership as and when comes into existence. Please inform me.

  20. Kunal SunilKumar

    Dear Arvindji,

    Heartiest Congratulations & All The Very Best For Your New Venture. May God Bless You in all our works. And Thanks a lot for all the help that small investors like us have got from you.

    Kindly share the details of your new brokerage firm & the process for joining ABMR.

    Kunal SunilKumar

  21. Manu

    Respected sir
    I am writing this with very emotional heart will leave us on mmb for ever and aap se baat karne ke liye membership leni padegi kya……Please don’t do this bhaad mein jayen stocks aap koi stock na btana waha pe chahe bus ek baar aa ke aapne motivation wale messg likh Dena aur kuch nai mangte………Thank you sir aap khoob trakee karo…….thanks ji

  22. Samir

    Congrats Arvind Bhai. Have recently started following you. You have a very interesting story as in this world hardly anyone helps others to earn and generate wealth.

    Keep it up

  23. Md Hashim

    When are u going to launch mr arvind. Im very eager and u r not peeping in mmb . It is very difficult to make investment without u

  24. Paresh Modi

    Dear Arvindji, Jai Shri Ganeshji Maharaj Ki jai,Great to Hear About ABMR. Eagerly Waiting For Your Update. Thanks & Regards.

  25. anpat2015

    Hearty congratulations Arvindji. May you progress in life with same velocity.
    Waiting to hear further updates on this.


  26. paresh modi

    Many Many Congratulations Dear Arvindji For Your Initiatives “ABMR ” to Help all Investors. Eagerly waiting for your further updares regarding the same. Jai Shri Ganeshji Maharaj Ki Jai. With Tons Of love. Paresh Modi

  27. Pankaj maloo

    Hello arvind sir. I am holding syncom formulation shares from rs 4/-. Can u plz guide me on syncom formulation.

  28. saurabhkurichh

    Hello arvind bhai,
    Kem cho. Very happy that you have moved to the next big step. Seeing you achieve so much, I too am, inspired by you and I am sure many many more people are doing the so.
    You have helped me and others so much that we always remember you in our prayers
    Wishing you all the best , in all aspects



    Namskar Arvindji

    Till when “ABMR ” will be launched , I don’t know why but I am am unable to wait …………please state the date .

    I have stopped all my transaction in wait of your ” Kind ABMR”
    Please tell the date and process.


  30. sc gupta

    Arvind ji
    MMB shall be my priority you always say, but the stocks suggested in ABMR shall be disclosed only to members means only to those who pay, that runs opposite to your philosophy. I hope I am not saying some thing unsuitable and if it is, i apolosise

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      to become a memeber of abmr u dnt have to pay,u just have to open a trading and demate acc with our firm.

      • Rajeevalochan

        Dear Arvindji

        I am a silent follower and got benefited by your vision in shares, please let me know when we can open our trading account in your firm asap..

        Thanks waiting for your information.
        Best Regards

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      and i m doing this only on request of many frnds since many years,i dnt have any interest in all this!

  31. nirmal kumar

    hi arvindji, pls let me know how to register with ur firm am eagerly waiting to get intouch with u from very long time ..

  32. sangeeta gupta

    sirji,i want to join ur group abmr.how to join .please help me.i m following u since 2 years.thanks you very much

  33. Srinivas

    Great Business model Congratulations There is nothing wrong in expecting something in return for the service your team is providing Drop me a mail when ABMR is operational

  34. Deepak

    Sirji, please start a PMS platform it would benefit all of us, have bought many of your suggested stocks and enjoying the gains till date.

  35. Chinmay

    Dear Technical Baadshah Arvindji,
    Waiting when you open the firm,want to the first one to join!! Salute to you that you are thinking in very positive direction,,looking forward to The ABMR firm,pretty nice name !!!

  36. chetan

    Arvindji holding subex @15.4…… Slowly slowly its going down… Is it hold aur exit… If its hold i will hold ……will wait ur replyy arvindji have a nice day….

  37. Ashish D

    Many congratulations Arvindji on your new venture.
    I assume your firm will be surat based.
    Will i be able to open an account and operate from mumbai ?
    My present trading n demat account is obviously in mumbai. Si i m not aware if i will be able to do.
    But i am definately interested.
    Regards and best wishes

  38. Vaibhav Doshi

    Kindly request sirji plz plz join me your club and plz follow me .
    Thank you and awaiting your positive reply.

  39. Manoj Kumar Jain

    Hello Arvind Ji,

    App se inspire hokar maine bhi Money Matrix kiya hai 25 Oct Hyd mai. Fortunately sneh sir ne hi conduct kiya wo session. Next ab Mind Power Workshop mai jara hu. Ab mujhe bhi samaj aaya ki aap k jaise kaise sochna chahiye. Aap se kuch ek request hai, kya aap apna thought process money k upar ya koi special visualization share kar sakte ho jise mai hum bhi waisa hi thermostat apne mind mai set kar sake. Thanks sir and best wishes for AMBR, God Bless You for begin so generous and helpfull Arvind Ji.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Manoj Jain.

  40. Pradeep Rawlani

    Hello Arvindji………How Are You? Really Happy that finally we will open the account in “ABMR”. Fianlly, once the account will be opened I believe all my losses will be recovered. Finally, after 9 years I have hope that what I lost will not only will be recovered but will earn in plenty in ” Jinghala” way with one and only one that’s You “Arvindji”. Only because of one person that’s you and only you Sirji…… Really God Bless You for all the support and what you are doing for all of us. Love You A lot…… May God Bless You….. Thank You…… Waiting for it………

  41. Umesh

    Good Morning Arvind Ji ,

    I am also eagerly waiting for more details to become a founding member of ABMR.
    You are always an inspiration for me.

    Warm Regards,
    Umesh Mishra

  42. su Bhow

    Dear Arvind Bhai
    Kem cho. Glad to see and wish a grand success to your new endeavour. Like to join you .Keep us updated .
    Su Bhow

  43. Srinivas

    Hi Arvind

    I am recently following you on MMB Can you please suggest few stocks you covered recently which have potential upside from current levels. I purchased PFRL

  44. sangeetashah11

    Jai shri ganesh maharaj ki

    Congratulations for your new venture!!

    You are a true gem person
    I am a biggggg fan of yours and looking forward to become a member in ABMR

  45. sangeetashah11

    Hi arvindji you are a true gem person. I am very excited to know the further updates and eagerly waiting to join ABMR.

  46. ramesh j mahtani

    how to join ABMR …sir hv been watching out daily ,,,have i missed out on the joining details ?????? wd appreciate if can get same infm on my FB page,,,,,eagerly awaited……

  47. swapan k. mondal

    Arvind ji the common or innocent investors who are easy preys of so-called self-declared experts have not received your comments/recommendations since last three months or so. Please don’t forget us!

  48. Apurv

    Arvindji… Im your silent follower … N njouing good profit only coz of positivity you creates & your recos… Since a long time. Im following you on mmb as well as your blog… Regarding abmr, i didnt find any info on internet link through which i can register myself… & on mmb i saw so many messages saying that you have shared in your personal space… Requst you to update on this blog or on mmb to provide details of abmr so your fan like me can register … Thanks again for providing world of positivity & ofcourse recos… Jay shree maharaj ki shanidev maharaj ki… !!!!

  49. Nagaraj

    Arvind ji I m new for stock market…. I read ur blog n portfolio ur superb accurate
    Plz add me into ur group….. I ll follow ur instruction in investing,,,,,,
    But I don’t know any thing in market…. I request u to teach how investment is done

  50. S.Neo

    Hi again Arvind ji, i must say, my excitement to open an account in ABMR increases daily. Thanks for taking time out to reply. Om namah shivay..

  51. Shiva Kumar

    Dear Arvind Sir,

    First i wanted to congratulate you for initiation taken for ABMR and i prey to god to give you almost success in all your future endeavours. My request is please let me notify when ABMR is done, i am interested in opening account and till then kindly include me in your broadcast list.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Shiva Kumar.

  52. Rajeevalochan


    I would like to become a member of ABMR, please send me the details asap.

    I am silently following you in MMB.

    Have a nice day!

  53. sangeeta gupta

    sirji,when is ur ABMR starting,i am eargly waiting to join.as i m not able to connect with u on MMB boards.how to connect with u .i just check this site for msgs,but nowadays u dont post anything here.please help me.god bless u with abudance money.


    Namskar Sir,

    Durgapuja & Diwapli has been gone but wail is still on.
    Sir Please tell when we are going to join this familiy.
    I don’t know why I am unable to wait.

    Thnx & Regard

  55. Srinivas

    Aura of positive thought vibration and energy of thousands of your followers makes life of you and your family even more happier. God be with you Arvind

  56. saikrishna

    Sir,request to share the details of our brokerage firm. Eagerly waiting to open an account as we really believe in you.

  57. jamessrock

    heartly cong sir for the new website eagerly waiting to join your firm money will rain everyside hope we have franchise business soon it will be great if we forward our move towards other stock market then sensex like usa or australian stock market so we have strong currency all over the world hope you will think about it
    your friend and fan


      Respected Sir,
      When will be AMBR launched Sir, Plz let me know the date.

      Waiting early for your kind reply


      Ramapati Mishra

  58. yogeshpatel

    Dear Arvindji…

    Kindly share Detail of “ABMR”…
    I am eagerly waiting for your new venture…

    Jay shree ganeshji Maharaj….

  59. s venkataraman

    Arvindji , 16 Jan2016 was the date for ABMR announcement but till now no news ?

    Sir,request to share the details of our brokerage firm. Eagerly waiting to open an account as we really believe in you

  60. Achyut Dave

    Hi Arvindbhai,

    Waiting for ABMR, please share your plan for the same.

    Please let me know process to enroll in ABMR.

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