Sharing News of HDFC Investing in TWL Stock and Motilal AMC in Caplin Labs Stock

Dear Friends,
I have some great news to share with regards to two of the stocks that I invested amounts in recent weeks: Titagarh Wagons (or TWL) and Caplin Point Labs. It seems the popular funds have started realizing the potential of these two company shares. On 19th Feb’2015, HDFC Mutual Fund (A/C HDFC Prudence Fund) seems to have bought around 2,11,000 shares of Titagarh Wagons at approximate price of Rs.535.58 on the NSE. I had entered TWL stocks in my portfolio at Rs.362 levels and these are extremely positive signs for Titagarh stock’s future. This Wagon industry stock is slowly proving to be a real multibagger for my portfolio.

There are some news reportedly probably by ET Now about Raamdeo Agrawal’s Motilal AMC investing in Capin Point Laboratories stock by buying approximately 50,000 Caplin Labs shares at a price level above Rs.750. This piece of news augurs really well for the Pharma counter stock Caplin Labs. I had started purchasing Caplin Point stocks around 11th Feb’2015 between 600 and 685 levels.

I am holding both stocks with patience and the above news just re-confirm my faith in them. I am sure all investors having TWL and Caplin Labs in their portfolio will be extremely happy with the above news reports. For further details about how I invested in these two stocks, you can refer to the corresponding articles at:
Investing in TWL stocks
Investing in Caplin Point Labs shares

NOTE: The above information is purely my own personal take / view / discussion / interpretation about the news related to funds buying stocks of Caplin Point Laboratories and Titagarh Wagons. I am not at all a certified Stock Analyst or Stock Broker or Research Analyst. All my readers of this blog are advised to perform their own analysis and consult any authorized research analyst or financial advisor before taking their investment decision.

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I am Arvind Bajaj, primarily a renowned textile business man from Surat, Gujarat. I am a big follower of my life coach Dr.Sneh Desai and his preachings along with Money matrix book has had a big influence on my life. My daily dose of motivation to achieve bigger things in life comes from reading “The Secret” book and watching “The Secret” movie.

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20 thoughts on “Sharing News of HDFC Investing in TWL Stock and Motilal AMC in Caplin Labs Stock

  1. Girish

    You are rocking Arvind ji, Much much better than HDFC & Motilal Oswal. Keep it up…..

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  2. Shishir

    Arvindji I was about to send you a message for the same that HDFC bough around 2L shares. I have been following your tips for a while and really appreciate the great work you are doing. Very few people share in this world, and you are one of the very few of them. Please keep it up.

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  3. Rajiv

    i had read your blog and taken advice from Angel Broking for Titagarh Wagons…share at that time was around 410…But they declined saying not a good share….i wish i would have bought it……Can i now enter TWL????

  4. Sri_Sonu

    Hi Arvind
    Which e commerce stock do you feel is good to buy for 6 month or more and can be entered in dips or well consolidate

  5. ajay kumar

    dear arvind ,
    ur real jackpot king. i follow u from 2-3 weeks. ur research is amazing. u r the next jhunjhunwala. i saw movie ‘the secret’ and know about the law of attraction. u r amazing. how can u read technical so good….

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  6. Rajesh Sidhu

    Arvind Ji, i missed to buy Titagarh Wagon :-( but i have invested in HDIL, SBI, ZF steering bas waiting for money rain

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Rajesh ji,
      Money rain har jagah hogi…keep minting forever..hahahaha!

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  7. sahil bothra

    the way you help others is just priceless, i mean it is really very kind of you to help others. I came to know about you when take solutions rocketed and thats the only common script between us. you are really different from other analyst. rather you are the best bcus you help those who wont ever help you back. i’m astonished to see a human like you rather ill call you sir from today! you deserve every kind of respect. may god bless us all

  8. swopnajeet

    Hi Arvindji,
    Am writing to you for the first time but i have been following you since quite sometime. Really appreciate your skills and the willingness to genuinely help people create wealth for themselves. I have completely rejigged my portfolio and buying stocks recommended by you like morepen,haldyn,syncom,coral labs,ashok leyland, edelweiss, next media etc. Please keep up the good work.

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