Predict the Winner: Cricket World Cup 2015 Contest Based on Indian Stock Market

Cricket World Cup Winners Prediction

Dearest Friends,
Hope you are enjoying watching the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 matches live streaming or on your TV sets! You might already be knowing about the Stock Market plus Cricket contests that are being launched on this blog for every match of Team India during the CWC 2015 tournament. Now, it is time to launch the biggest blog contest for this Cricket World Cup in Australia. Yes, with this post I announce the Predict the Cricket World Cup 2015 Winner and Winning Stock contest. As the name suggests, this cricket prediction contest (fun contest) is also based on the rally by stocks in Indian stock market before and after Budget 2015 session. So, you need to be very smart in identifying the winning stock that could prove to be a real multibagger in 1 month’s time. Of course, you also need to guess accurately who will be the winner of Cricket World Cup 2015 when the final match is played at MCG on 29th March’2015. There is a minor twist for those who want to win anyhow. Please read further to know about the contest prizes as well.

For detailed information about this Cricket World Cup 2015 event, you can check out the link here.

‘Predict the Cricket World Cup 2015 Winner and Winning Stock’ Contest Rules for Participation

  1. You can participate in this contest starting from today (Saturday, 21st Feb’2015) till Sunday, 15th March’2015. This is because the World Cup 2015 knock-out stage starts after 15th Mar’2015 (Quarter-finals from 18th Mar’2015)

  2. You need to predict the cricket team who would win the World Cup 2015. Only the ones who guess this correctly will be eligible to earn any points from this contest. So, getting this prediction correct is a must.

  3. For correctly guessing the winning team, you will earn 25 points.

  4. You need to pick a stock for your winning team that will become double before the World Cup 2015 final match. For this, we would consider the price of the stock from the day you participate till the last market day (Friday, 27th March 2015) before World Cup final. If your multibagger stock doubles anytime before the final match, it would be counted as an accurate guess.

  5. For example, if you pick a stock like Arrow Textiles today (CMP-36) and if it manages to touch price level of Rs.72 any time before the World Cup final, then, you would earn 25 points for guessing the multibagger rally accurately. Please note that even if this stock (Arrow Textile for our example) is at Rs.60 (not double) on the World Cup final day, but, if it has already touched Rs.72 once before that day, then, you will get your points.

  6. There is one more way to earn points. You can invite your friends and colleagues to like your entry comment to this contest. For every like to your comment for this contest, you will earn 1 point.

  7. You can still win the contest if you guessed the winning team correctly, but your stock couldn’t become double (in which case you will get only 25 points for the team prediction and no points for the stock prediction). Even then you can win against someone who has scored 50 points with both predictions correct. For this, you will have to get as many likes to your comment as possible (atleast 25) to earn more points than the other participants who might get both predictions correct. In any case, guessing the winning team correctly is compulsory.

  8. The earlier you participate, it will give more number of days for your stock to become double.

Prize for the Winner of the Contest

The winner or winners of this contest will get their picture published in a blog post along with details about them. You can take this opportunity to communicate any good message to a large number of readers. I will personally talk to the winner/s over phone for 5-minutes.

It will be interesting to see how the World Cup tournament folds up. Will India be able to defend their World Cup title? Or will we see a new world cup winner this time? What are you waiting for? Get going now! Please read the guidelines properly before participating in the contest. All the BEST!

Note: The above Stock-based Cricket World Cup 2015 contest is my (Arvind Bajaj’s) personal creation to celebrate Cricket World Cup 2015 event on a positive note.

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      • Mandar

        With very conservative approach i see Nitin should quote at minimum of 80 level within 1 year. As per my study its projected eps for fy15-16 is 10 & i expect that its industry pe will expand to pe 10-12x in coming years so, with conservative pe multiple of 8x with this projected eps of 10, nitin spinners has full potential to quote at 80 level minimum. Recently Nitin Spinners has completed its capacity expansion which is very positive to boost its net sales & net profits. Discl: I am holding decent quantity of Nitin Spinners.
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  1. kamal

    India will win 200% and arrow textile will touch 80 hahahahahhahahahahahahha jai ho shree ganesh a maharaj as well as Arvind sir ki :-)

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    Arvind ji..
    Jai shree ganesh maharaj ki….
    Ohhhhh my god talking to you 5 mints, i’m very curiosity to talk to you arvind ji….
    Thank you arvind ji….

    Our india winning the 2015 world cup.
    Stock:Salzer Electronics ltd.(cmp 234.30)

  3. Pushpvardhan

    spicejet will the stock will will double before 15 march and INDIA will win the World cup again..
    waiting for your call Arvind JI

  4. Vikash singh

    First of all thank you and kudos to you arvind ji for such creative thinking…

    India Will win.
    My stock-spicejet.
    Keep minting in tons arvindji.
    Jai hoooo!!

  5. Prashant

    Arivindji thanks a lot for giving us this opportunity.

    India will win this world cup and my stock is Haldyn glass.

  6. Rimit Parekh

    My prediction is Australia will win world cup and my stock is Srikalahasthi pipes

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    Arvind sir,

    India will win the ICC cricket World cup and my multibagger stock is Morepen……
    Now be ready with my gift…….hahahahahaha

  8. hitesh khasiya

    My prediction is south Africa will win the cup and my stock is prakash constro. JAI SHREE GANESHJI MAHARAJ KI.

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