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Pre-Holi Celebration in Recently Added Portfolio Stocks

Hello Friends,
This is Holi week and most of us are in festive mood already. It seems market is also enjoying the pre-festive days with big party in many of the stocks that were added in recent months to stock portfolio as well as in the old stocks. This Pre-Holi celebration party is the reason behind most midcaps and smallcaps outperforming. There is positive energy everywhere with regards to Sensex and Nifty levels crossing new highs.

Stocks like Edelweiss, Titagarh Wagons, Tata Investment, Eros, etc. that were added recently and shared investing levels via articles on this blog are enjoying big positive moves as on Tuesday, 3rd March’2015. Some of the old portfolio stocks like Cyient, Asian Granito, Amrutanjan, etc. also have blasted like anything. It feels amazing to see so many stocks making significant upmoves in a day. The ‘Achhe Din’ post budget are here for many of these portfolio stocks. They are all in super ‘jhingalala’ mode. May this money rain continue forever and let us all keep minting in tonnes from Indian stock market.

We are happy in times like these because the money is increasing with huge profits in Indian stock market. Similarly, we will keep earning profits and mint in tonnes if we are always happy and cheerful. So, keep smiling and always be in jhingalala mode. God bless us all and may this party in stock market continue till eternity..hahahaha!

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