Another Operator Trap of Bulk SMS for Superb Papers Stock

Hello Friends, Hope you all are having a ‘jhingalala’ time with our multibagger stocks that keep rising non-stop. Amid such money rain, we have started receiving another bulk SMS message from operators to buy Superb Papers stock. This seems to be another operator play where SMS messages are sent in […]

Sharing TCS Stock Exit Alert from IT Sector

Hello Friends, The stock markets may be consolidating, but most of our stocks are proving their true multibagger potential. It is the time for Q1 company results. The Q1 results have been announced for IT company TCS (Tata Consultancy Services). If you remember, I have already been sharing exit alerts […]

Alert for Operator Bulk SMS on Sumeet Industries Stock

Hello Friends, Hope all of you are enjoying the non-stop rallies in most of our jackpot stocks. The market seems to be in full jhingalala mode for all multibagger potential stocks. Amidst such amazing rallies, there is some more operator play going on. This time the operators are trying to […]