*Big Party Update*Looking for Higher Levels with Vindhya Telelink Stock from Telephone Cables Sector

13% Upmove Party within a week for Vindhya Telelink Stock
Dear Friends,
Hope you all had a great start to a new week. Vindhya Telelink stock price definitely gave a big reason to smile for all investors who are holding Vindhya Telelink shares. We discussed about this stock on July 9, when the share price was around Rs.712. As on July 13, 2015, the Vindhya Telelink stock price reached its new high of Rs.830 (till July 13, 2015) and ended the day with a stunning 12% upmove.
This is great returns from any type of stock within such a short span of time. Hope the money rain continues like this and we all keep saying ‘jhingalala’..hahahahaha!

Stock Rally Party

Dear Friends,
Have identified another stock from Indian equity market with multibagger potential for good returns in the long term. One can look at Vindhya Telelink stock for his / her equity investment portfolio with possibility to earn decent returns over a period of 6-7 months. The Vindhya stock price (CMP as on July 9, 2015) is Rs.712 and one can watch out for high price levels of Rs.850 to Rs.950 to Rs.1100 in 6 to 7 months. Again, this bullish stock view on Vindhya Telelink from Telephone Cables sector is based on my personal stock research and analysis. Retail investors are advised to consult any certified stock analyst or do their own research before taking any buy / sell decision for any stock. My analysis is based on bullish trend and Vindhya Telelink share price may soon start its bullish rally, as per my personal opinion. Have even shared by bullish views on Vindya Telelink stock on MMB forum. Share your views about the technicals on Vindhya Telelink stock, and other views that you may have.

In this article, we shall discuss about Vindhya Telelink current market price, potential higher price levels, Vindya Telelink company background and similar fundamentals. Readers are welcome to share their technical views on Vindhya Telelink as per its charts.

Vindhya Telelink BSE Id – 517015
Vindhya Telelink NSE Id – VINDHYATEL
Vindhya Telelink Current Market Share Price (as on July 9, 2015)- INR 712

Arvind Bajaj’s Bullish Views on multibagger stock Vindhya Telelink

Vindhya Telelink share price is expected to be in a bullish rally which makes it a potential multibagger stock to be added to portfolio. The retail investors who can hold Vindhya Telelink shares for a period of 6-7 months after buying them around entry price levels of Rs.710 to Rs.730 by calculating the returns based on estimated high levels (as per own stock analysis and consultation with any certified stock experts). According to personal stock research analysis as well as trend following, the Vindhya Telelink expected higher stock price levels are Rs.850 to Rs.950 to Rs.1100 in 6-months time period.

My Personal Bullish Expected Levels for Vindhya Telelink StockRs.850 to Rs.950 to Rs.1100 (in 6-7 months)

Background for Vindhya Telelink Limited

Vindhya Telelinks Limited has emerged as one of the leading suppliers of Jelly Filled Telecommunication Cables as well as Optical Fiber Telecommunication cables to MTNL, BSNL, and other leading user organizations such as Defense, Railways, Coal fields, SAIL, NTPC, Bharti, Atomic Energy, Tata Tele Service, Reliance Infocom, etc. It was established in a joint sector between Universal Cables Limited and Madhya Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation Limited.

You can access further information about Vindhya Telelink Ltd at: Vindhya Telelink Official Website

Please note that I always stick to basic guidelines before investing in the Indian stock market as I believe it will help you to stay patient and make profits in the long run. My methods for investing in stocks that I follow are:
Arvind Bajaj’s Methods of Stock Investment

NOTE: The above information is completely my own personal take / view / discussion on Vindhya Telelink stock (of Cables sector) after my analysis for this multibagger stock addition (investment in Vindhya shares or VTL shares). I seek views and opinions of all readers to know more about these Vindhya Telelink equity potential. I am not at all a certified Stock Analyst or Stock Broker or Research Analyst. All my readers of this blog are advised to perform their own analysis and consult any authorized research analyst or financial advisor before taking their investment decision.

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I am Arvind Bajaj, primarily a renowned textile business man from Surat, Gujarat. I am a big follower of my life coach Dr.Sneh Desai and his preachings along with Money matrix book has had a big influence on my life. My daily dose of motivation to achieve bigger things in life comes from reading “The Secret” book and watching “The Secret” movie.

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91 thoughts on “*Big Party Update*Looking for Higher Levels with Vindhya Telelink Stock from Telephone Cables Sector

  1. Jai Kumar

    Hello Arvind Ji,

    Thanks for coming up with new multibaggers, have entered in Vindhya @ 719 :) waiting for Jhingalala hahahahaha

  2. Pavan Bhat

    Added tyche and cheviot today arvindji,vindhya added earlier…thanks for new jackpots arvindji………hahahahaahhahaha,,,,am very happy to see you back on mmb,thanks.

  3. Shivanand

    Dear Arvind Sir ,
    1. At what level do we need to enter in Tyche Ind again, As it already shoot 30%.
    2. Thanks for AFL. I had entered successfully in AFL @87.
    3. Can i buy Vindhya Tele by tomorrow os should i wait whole next week for correction.
    Many Thanks Sir.

  4. Arun R

    Hello Arvind sir,

    Thank you for your recommendations… Awesome rally on your yesterday’s recommendation AFL and Tyche Ind.
    Thank you very much again. Hope one or the other day, I could repay you in some regard, for all the help you did.

    Arun R

  5. Radha krishna

    Hello sir,
    What your view on Amtrak auto, jmt , granules ? Amtek auto I am already holding.

  6. Shrinivas

    Dear Arvindji

    When are you releasing the book you are authoring, details of availability may please be intimated.

    With many regards and lots of jinghalala

  7. ambrish

    Sir, though I incurred heavy loss in morepen, Syncom fo but recovered some money back in tyche, Baja finserv, and afl. Thanks sir….. You are majician. Prior to this you were giving multibagger in pvt message. Now you are putting it on your website. Thanks for treating all of ur disciples as equals.

  8. Darshan

    Hi Sir,
    Have a look at Pincon Spirits ltd. the company has been posting decent numbers over the past 4 years. eps of 16 and also expanding. Can we buy this for multibagger returns.<

  9. Manish

    Dear Sir,
    I am not getting your blog on my email address. Not in spam also. If possible try to resolve this matter.
    Thanking you for such nice guidance in investing.

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Manish ji,
      This is strange. I have tried sending you an email to test right now. It shows ‘successfully sent’ for your id. Can you please check and confirm?

      • Manish

        i received one mail now. i crossed my finger in hope that now onwards will received all the important notes direct on my mailbox.

        thanks !!!

  10. Shashank

    Hi sir,
    As manish ji mentioned above I am also not getting any mails, so I missed all your posts. can you please mail me and help me?

    Thanks in advance:)

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Shashank ji,
      Please check if you have received an email that was sent to all sometime back for a new post on blog. Kindly add our blog mail id to your contacts list and keep a tap on your spam / junk folder. This is because I can see ‘message delivered’ status from my end. Many Thanks!

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Kunal ji,
      Welcome to the world of stock markets! Kindly follow the ‘multibaggers’ section of this blog to know about some recent stock suggestions as well as the levels at which you can buy them. Please go through the investment method guidelines shared on this blog.

      • shiva5285

        Sir jee suggest me 2 3 books apart from secret ….i want to learn key elements which help me in trading. Any book based or recommend by desai sir…… thanks

  11. vivek

    Arvind sirjee can I invest in subex and fcel at cmp which is between 16 and 17..Eagerly waiting for your reply.. Please suggest..

  12. Srinath

    Sir ji, do you track Samkrg pistons? I feel its a potential multibagger. Do let me know your views.

  13. santhosh

    Arvindji, adding small quantities on all your suggested stocks with no worries on short term movements. Need your view on dishman pharna, I have 150 shares, can u hold oor move to another stock, like caplin point where you gave greater targets, I’m looking for long term

      • santhosh

        Yes sir… Obviously fully Convinced on your stocks, was just thinking of entry timing if not too late to enter caplin or any alternate opportunity

      • santhosh

        Arindji, with full confidence i sold and bought sms and caplin
        SMS rocking today :)
        thanks again for your gems

  14. vishal gupta

    hello Arvindjee,
    I had seen your messages on MMB also. got to know about your website today so adding myself. Please let me know new multibagger as almost all shares have ran good.
    thanks & regards

  15. Satya

    Arvind ji, I am new to share market, I was gone through your site and MMB, I was really surprised your recommendations. Mainly towards positive thinking.
    can you please suggest 3-5 pharma stocks for long term view.

    Thank you and God bless you

  16. Raj

    Arvind Bhai. Not able to send you request on MMB for following me. The Moderators are not allowing that. Following you for some time now. How to do that and also how to follow you on WhatsApp.


    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      keep posting geniune msgs on mmb,later ur msgs wil b displyed instantly.whatsup not for all.

  17. Naga

    Dear Arvindji,
    Thanks arvind ji yesterday you added me in your follows list in MMB as naga77,
    Just now I came to know about your website and I subscribed my email address to receive newsletter from your website.
    Kindly suggest me to entry levels for GM, Tyche & Himatseide.
    Thanks once again,

  18. anpat2015

    Hi Arvindji,

    Since i started following you, i have investments in APL,Zensar,Sharda,BF,Spice,SBI and IVRCL. Most of stocks are in uptrend now. I know your views about IVRCL and planning exit from the counter soon. Please let me know your views on BF Utilities. My instinct says its highly consolidated and can give rocket move in 1-2 months to hit fresh highs. I want to know your opinion as it is in very crucial stage. If it breaks down further, can hit fresh lows. I am an investor so have invested from 12-24 months perspective.


    • anpat2015

      Also missed one point above. I am holding Asian Paints@804 from last 5 months. Now the stock is around 850. The results are good. I am hoping to book profits at another 40-50 points rise and enter Vindhya at 850 odd levels. Kindly post your views on this. Also is Asian Paints trend bullish and i can get 900 in near term to book profits or should book now itself?


  19. pihu

    Arvind ji i am new to stock market, and i want to know your recommended stocks but from where i can get? I have try to msg you on mbm also but…… Plz guide me sir… I will be thankful to you for this


    Sir, Can i buy following shares
    1) Coral Lab.
    2) Coral India Finance

    @ cmp sir, i m newly entered in market so plz advice me what should i do?

    Thanks a lot

  21. Shrinivas Pangnurwar

    Dear Sir

    I am not on mmb but now i itend to enter Stocks i had noted your recomendations Tyche and Oricon at small quantities.
    Can you please suggest about Avon organics though i have not purchased. How can i come on mmb sir please.



    Dear Arvindji,

    good morning…

    I am missing your calls,
    I am getting mgs after upper circut only
    sir please follow me in MMG, ID is shijith79.
    daily i am checking this blog but july 9 is last post.
    pfizer, ANG, GM BEWERIES, TYCHE, I missed all.
    I didn’t get notification when you are suggested.
    sir please follow me in moneycontrol ID shijith79


  23. ambrish chaudhary

    Sir, i have indorama, pantaloon, pipavav, rolta, walchand, fcel but they are not moving. From so many days you have stopped posting on your website which i check five times a day. As it is tough for a small retail investor to have all the shares you mention in your mmb, so request from you to keep posting some specific shares once in a weak in your multibagger section. We just cant keep selling shares and purchasing newly recommended shares so pls keep posting in multibagger.

  24. santhish

    sir, can I hold Sharda crop, I’m believer of your stocks, can hold for over long period, just wanted to know if you recommend to exit based on the results

  25. rocky

    Good day sir.

    i am a big fan of yours. i start investing in last feb only and invested in nitin spinners force motors zf steering astec lifescience bliss gvs.
    Juts want to give you my regards and lots and lots of thanks.

    Waiting for your next multibagger :-).
    And your view for lloyd electric


  26. sudhir

    Hi Arvind,
    Though i subscribed i am not getting your recommendations to my mail id. Can you please check on this?


  27. sandhya

    Hi Arivind Sir,

    we have not been getting any new stock tips from you for quiet some time.

    Hope everything is fine with you.


  28. GG

    Hi Aravind Sir,

    I am following you in MMB, I dint know about Multibagger, now I got to know.
    Please suggest few good stocks (long term/short term).

    What are the support levels for Vedanta and Hindalco.
    Both are breaking down.

  29. mahesh


    just want to ask the portfolio mentioned in your blog is corect and yours onlu because i surprised not a single stock is in negative.
    Please suggest. Please dont take my question otherwise


  30. Shrinivas

    Dear Sir

    I had for the first time in my life attended Dr. Sneh Desai sir’s programme at Nagpur it was one of the first programmes i sat was sitting without break. A total life changing guidance absolute U turn to my life a turn around story for me personally.
    Thanks and gratitudes for the book MONEY MATRIX by which i could know about him. I came to know about the book through your blog only.



  31. Deepak

    Dear Arvindji,
    I was following you on MMB from couple of month and also went through this blog. But it seems you have stopped updating your website now a days :( :( I can understand that you don’t have much time left after replying your followers on MMB but please do share your new recommendation on this site too so that we people who some how find lost ourself on MMB can get your notification mail from this website on your valuable stock recommendation, entry and exit targets.
    As right entry and exit point in stock market is very important so don’t want to miss that for any of your recommendation..

  32. anshu

    Dear Arvindji
    i am new to stock market. i have been trying to follow you since quite some time.I dont know how to get your recommended stocks
    please advice sir
    is it a paid service, pl help i am totally clueless regarding this.
    thanking you in advance

  33. prakash

    Balaji can u have look at associated alchols & breweries ltd they have grown consistently this can verified by there growth rate over past 5 yrs can you just go thru there fundamental and give feed back

  34. john

    Hi Arvind ji,
    Could you please update this site with your latest calls? Because in mmb its really difficult to follow your calls. there are too many messages and really difficult to find when you gave the calls. All of a sudden we see your message saying that stock rose so and so and somehow we miss the calls at the beginning. You have your own website. So please update the calls here with dates so that your dedicated follow your messages correctly and at the right time. I believe lot of people like me who miss your calls at the right time. Today I saw your message on valiant communications that price rose 17% but I could not track your first message on it. Because of too many messages your initial message on this call somewhere gone.
    Requesting you to initiate the calls here before your do it in mmb. This is your site ji.Hope you understand your followers request. Thanks


  35. stockmint258

    Dear Arvindji,

    Can we still buy Vindhya telelink at cmp 887 and hold to see 1000+ in near future.

  36. john

    Hi Arvind,
    Today when I was checking your posts in mmb, I came to know that Balrampur chini had been recommended on 1 st feb 2016. Just want to bring it to your notice, it looks to me like uptrend is already broken. Its just a sell on rally and we could get it at much cheaper price than the recommended price. I feel if we see a small rally then we should capitalize on it to exit. Tomorrow alone I see more than 10-15% downside.Requesting you to check and advise me if I am wrong.

  37. john

    Hi, I am not sure if you have already given exit alert for Vindhya tele. I feel stock is in full force to bleed. I feel we should make sure to use every rally to exit the stock. It might or not do some pull back up to 800-830(not sure of this range). But every rally to exit. I see it coming below 500 very much in the days ahead. You may please check and advise me if I am wrong

  38. John

    Hi Arvind ji,
    I feel Nifty (cmp7034)has bottomed out for a while. I see around 300-400 point rally is just on the card starting from today. It is heading towards 7330-7350 zone. It might do a breakout from there. But that is not yet sure. But i feel it is likely. we can assess once it reaches that zone. Once it breaks then we might head towards 7900-7950 zone.Please let me know your views.Thanks

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