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*Initial Expected Levels Reached* Investing for Higher Returns in Potential Multibagger HDIL Stock

Initial Expected Levels Achieved in HDIL Stock as on 8th April 2015
Hello Friends,
The big party in HDIL stock has continued and the share price has managed to cross our initial expected levels today (on 8th April, 2015) as per the first post below. The HDIL stock price touched Rs.140 comfortably and this despite the fact that few weeks back this stock was written off by some experts when it had touched levels of Rs.100 and below. Trend is indeed the king and HDIL share price rise to expected levels has proved this completely. May this stock market party continue for all our stocks and all of us enjoy the unlimited money minting…hahahaha!

Party in HDIL Stock

25% Upmove Party in HDIL as on 6th April 2015
Hello Friends,
The market is in full ‘jhingalala’ mode especially for midcaps and smallcaps these days. HDIL stock price shot up today by 25% in a single day. Such a big party in HDIL shares after few weeks of consolidation has brought smiles on the faces of many equity investors. Those holding this stock would have thoroughly enjoyed this significant rise in HDIL share price. The money rain has been tremendous and may we all gain from this..hahahaha!

*URGENT NEW ENTRY UPDATE as on Monday, 16th Feb’15*
Hello Friends,
I have now re-entered into HDIL. The quarterly results for HDIL have been good and with previous analysis intact, I have invested again in HDIL stocks on 16th Feb’15 at levels of Rs.116 (after I recently sold them due to uncertainty about results; which was a precautionary measure). Now, since the results have been good for HDIL company, I expect the HDIL share price to reach significantly higher levels in near future. I shall continue adding new HDIL stocks to my portfolio on every dip for levels of about Rs.140 in 4 months time. Once again, patience will be the key.

*Urgent Update as on 10th Feb’15*
Hello Friends,
With uncertainty about the type of results to be posted by HDIL, I have sold my HDIL shares just now. I will review this stock again (personal analysis) after the results are announced. For the time being, I have sold the shares to avoid any impact from the results.

Dear Friends,
I am writing an article for the first time this week. With Delhi elections 2015 round the corner, I have been reviewing a lot of stocks with good potential to go up in future from the Indian Stock Market. The bank Nifty has gone down considerably and budget 2015 is also few weeks away. After some research and analysis, I found HDIL stock (Housing Development and Infrastructure Limited) from Infra real-estate sector to be forming a decent bullish pattern. I have made an entry today at HDIL Current Market Price of Rs.112 and will continue adding more on every dip. Based on its behavior, I will be holding HDIL shares in my portfolio for higher levels of around Rs.140 or more in next 4-5 months.

There is heavy F&O play in HDIL as many people indulge in buying future contracts of HDIL. According to me, it is a very risky option and one should stay away from F&O trading in HDIL stock.

In this article, I shall discuss about HDIL company background, HDIL share price in current market,, etc.

HDIL BSE Id532873
HDIL Current Market Share Price (as on 6th February’15)INR 112

Arvind Bajaj’s Views on jackpot stock HDIL in his Portfolio

With HDIL showing bullish signals, I have invested in this infra stock today at levels of Rs.112. I even plan to invest in this at every dip in the price range from Rs.100 to Rs.115. I am hoping for a good bull run upto levels of Rs.140 and more in next 4 to 5 months. I will do another review of this stock in my portfolio after it managed to achieve my expected levels.

My Personal Bullish Expected Levels for HDIL in my portfolio – Rs.140 (in 4-5 months time)

Company Background for HDIL (Housing Development and Infrastructure Limited)

HDIL is easily one of the premier real estate development companies carrying out major operations in Mumbai, the financial hub of India. It is a highly regarded public listed real estate development company with stocks listed on National Stock Exchange (NSE) as well as Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Known for handling commercial, residential and retail projects, HDIL has also ventured into slum rehabilitation projects under SRA. In fact, it was given the Mumbai International Airport Slum Rehabilitation project in 2007. Expanding its wings, HDIL has started venturing into different spaces related to hospitality, energy as well as SEZ development.

You can access further information about HDIL company at: HDIL Official Website

Please note that I always follow basic guidelines before investing in the stock market as I believe it will help you to stay patient and make profits in the long run. My methods for investing in stocks that I follow are:
Arvind Bajaj’s Methods of Stock Investment

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NOTE: The above information is purely my own personal take / view / discussion on HDIL after my analysis. I am not at all a certified Stock Analyst or Stock Broker or Research Analyst. All my readers of this blog are advised to perform their own analysis and consult any authorized research analyst or financial advisor before taking their investment decision.

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