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Money Minting Mind Program Money Rain

Happy minting to all friends! First of all let me congratulate all you friends for being a part of this blog made for all friends / fans / followers of your friend Arvind Bajaj. This is your very own blog. Congratulations to all of you as you are now going to be multi billionaire / trillionaire after reading as well as following this ultimate money minting mind program!

Starting with my favorite dialogue for you all: “The best part of your life starts NOW”. First of all, let me make it clear that all my thoughts, views as well as the mind programs do not solely belong to me. In fact, all are inspired by my life coach Dr.Sneh Desai sir,my NLP coach sir Sandeep Gajjar and by The Secret movie as well as The Secret book!

Friends, before you continue reading ahead, I have one suggestion. You need to read and accept this concept with a clean mind set, keep all logical thinking aside before you try this money minting program yourself for the desired results! In order to make it easier for you to understand, I have divided the the whole program into four different parts, starting with first part of this wonderful money minting mind program below.

1. Visualizing your desires and installing them in your subconscious mind

This is the most important and effective process of whole program. You need to first understand the power of your thoughts because whatever thoughts are going in your mind will be coming to your life sooner or later. So, you need to start by installing positive program via the most powerful visualization process. Our mind has 2 different formats: one is conscious mind and other one is the subconscious mind (which is the most powerful one). Conscious mind is working when we are awake and living our daily routine life, whereas the subconscious mind gets active when we are either half or fully asleep or even in meditation state. Whatever we think when our subconscious mind is active becomes a program in our mind which cannot be easily deleted. This type of programs are ultimately responsible for whatever happens in our life! We will use the power of subconscious mind and install the money minting program in our subconscious mind when its active.

Let’s move forward to another important part of this process that starts with visualizing. Start it when you go to sleep at night, preferable to do when you are alone in a room with no noise around you or immediately after waking up early in the morning. This is because ass mentioned earlier, our subconscious mind is active at such times.

Apart from these two time periods, you can also try doing it during meditation. Get in a meditation posture and just when you are about to sleep, take some deep breaths, get your mind focused, relax your mind and body completely (no need to sit straight) and relax all your body muscles. Now visualize in your thoughts as if you are seeing a golden gate, enter the gate and find 10 stairs going downwards. Start reverse countdown in your mind and visualize yourself moving downwards on stairs (10,9,8,7,etc.). By the time you reach the count of 1, you will find yourself on a pleasant sea shore where there is no one present except you. You are all alone there and enjoying walking besides seashore.

Suddenly, you realize that it has started raining and when you look properly you understand it is money raining all around you. You can feel the money rain as if instead of water, bundles of money are falling over you, you can imagine money bundles hanging from the tree and also money flowing from the sea towards you instead of water. Imagine bundles and bundles of money raining on you (visualize the highest currency notes in your country, may be rupees, dollars, euros, pounds, etc.). In India, you can visualize 1000 Rupee note bundles. Imagine everywhere around you there is money raining in abundance with bundles and truckloads of money. There is unlimited money coming in from all directions around you. Feel the happiness of enjoying the money rain and smell the fragrance of currency if you can (for best effects, before you start visualizing get some currency notes and experience its smell; even keep currency notes poster in your room, so that you can easily visualize and feel it). Keep visualizing for as much time as you can friends. Now you have started collecting the bundles in a big suitcase and you have completed filling many more suitcases with bundles of money. It is now time to carry these along wiht you. Think that you have bought all those suitcases or bags (whatever suits you) to your place and all your cupboards, drawers and every corner of your room or house is filled with just bundles of money.This is where the visualization process is completed. You can extend your imagination based on your likings and convenience.

You have to keep repeating this entire visualization process every night before going to bed as well as immediately after waking up in the morning or even while meditating. For people who know meditation very well, they can carry out this process at any time of the day. Only thing you should take care is not to do it as as routine work, just for the sake of doing. Whenever you do it, please do with full enthusiasm and happy state of mind. Always remember that the more you feel it for real, the more quickly you would be able to attract money in your life. After completing the visualization process and before opening your eyes, give positive affirmations to your mind. As your subconscious mind is fully active, try saying the following words to yourself in your mind:

  • “Minting money in tonnes is the most easiest thing in the world”

  • “Money keeps raining in my life”

  • “I have unlimited money”

  • “I am the most luckiest person in this world”

  • “Whatever I wish, I get it. All my wishes are always fulfilled”

The first 2 affirmations (mentioned above) need to be said mandatorily. Then, you can add different affirmations as per your priority. Keep repeating atleast 4 to 5 times in your mind (which needs to be in a completely happy state). This completes the first part of the minting program. Let’s read further about the second part.

2. Verbal expressions of your desires and building the environment in your favor

In this process, you don’t have to meditate. Here, you have to daily say to atleast 3 different people from your routine life that “minting money is the most easiest thing in the world”, “money keeps raining in my life”, etc.

Yes, say these lines to 3 persons whatever their reactions may be; whether they laugh at you or make fun of you, do not take anything to heart. Everything will be in our favor. This way you will get more energy for your goals and so don’t shy away from doing this. Whenever we meet someone in our daily life, usually we ask each other things like “How is you?”, “How is your life going?”, “How is your career shaping up?”, etc. So, now whenever you meet someone, say positive words like “Yes, my life is rocking”, “I am minting money in tonnes”, etc. irrespective of whether he /she asks you or not. Yo can change words as per your language, but they should be completely positive. This way you are building a positive world for yourself everywhere you go. So, wherever you go, the positivity will come along. Everywhere people should be talking good things about you. This is possible if you always talk good things about yourself, your financial status, your career, etc. So, whatever may be the reality, try talking only about good and positive things. Make this a regular habit.

3.Cleaning up your subconscious mind and keeping your mind 100% positive everyday

Friends, this part of the process is the key for the success of the whole program. Yo can get 100% results out of this program only if your mind is 100% positive. You have to think positive and remain happy all the time; even before you go for visualization process at night or in the morning. For this purpose, you need to stay away from news papers, news channels, useless garbage TV serials, etc. Please remember all these are the biggest source of non-positive energy in this world. It may not be easy, but it is not impossible. Avoiding all this will always keep your mind in a relaxed and positive state. Stay away from people who are always talking non-positive things. Whenever a non-positive thought comes in your mind, instantly think 3 positive thoughts. Slowly, your mind will get habituated for positive thinking only. Just keep thinking of what you want in your life. Don’t even think about things which you don’t want to happen in your life. Most importantly, stop thinking what has happened with you in the past (that’s history). Just before reading this post, whatever has happened just forget it forever. Most of the non-positive thoughts coming in our mind is by thinking constantly about our past. No one can change the past and so there is no point in thinking what has already happened. Delete history FOREVER!

4. Analyze words you use in your daily life and delete non-positive or unwanted words

All my friends who have followed me would have noticed many times that I keep mentioning use only positive words, use only those words which you want in your life, delete all non-positive words from your dictionary completely, etc. If you want profits ,use the word profits only. If you want happiness and prosperity, use the words happiness and prosperity only. In simple words, delete all the opposites of such positive words.

There is a reason behind why I say so. The words which we use in our language while talking, messaging, etc. exist in our mind and if they keep existing in our mind, then, they will exist in our life too. So, let our mind forget all those unwanted words and this is possible only when we stop using them. Slowly, when we delete all such words from daily life, only positive words will exist in our mind; and whatever exists in our mind will come to our life, which will be 100% positive now.

So friends, I have done my best to provide you all with the details about money minting programs in the best possible way. For the best possible results, please read this post every morning and night before you go to sleep. It will become a program in your mind and you will not have to make much efforts to keep your mind positive.

By following this money minting mind program, I have experienced huge money raining on me from all corners of the world. I strongly recommend to all my friends: please keep sharing this program with everyone. Do not care if someone likes you or not, share as much as you can. Be the reason and the medium of someone’s prosperity. Let me tell you when I started using my knowledge for benefit of others by sharing my views on different stocks on MMB many friends got huge profits and in return I became more and more rich day by day. Remember whatever you do for others will multiply and come back to you. The more others mint because of you, you will mint 1000 times more, hahahaha. Now saying this, I know today I have become the reason of prosperity of millions of my friends/ followers/ fans from all over the world. So, I can’t even imagine how forcefully money will be raining on me. Let me prepare for the money rain of millenium on me!

Ending this post with a whole hearted THANKS to my GURUJI, my life coach Dr.Sneh Desai sir, my nlp coach Sandeep Gajjar sir, author of ‘The Secret’ movie – respected Rhonda Bryne. I have already recommended many books of Sneh sir and The Secret movie to all friends on this blog and my facebook page many times before.

Friends, please do share all your experiences by following this program on our blog. you may anytime ask me any queries related to this program and I will surely reply to all your messages with priority and in full detail. Thanks to all you friends for giving me so much love and respect all these years; without you I am nothing, its all you friends. So, let money rain continue on all of us; yes, possible only with your friend Arvind Bajaj-Jackpot King!

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I am Arvind Bajaj, primarily a renowned textile business man from Surat, Gujarat. I am a big follower of my life coach Dr.Sneh Desai and his preachings along with Money matrix book has had a big influence on my life. My daily dose of motivation to achieve bigger things in life comes from reading “The Secret” book and watching “The Secret” movie.

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159 thoughts on “The Great Money Minting Mind Program

  1. krunal

    Awesome post Arvindbhai. My life has definitely changed because of you and I have become a lot more positive in life thanks to you. Now onwards, I am going to implement this program and make money as well as happiness & positivity rain on me. All the best!

    • arvind Post author

      Great to know the positive impact on your life. Keep following this amazing minting mind program and you will always stay in jhingalala mode. May the money rain continue forever.

    • arvind Post author

      You are most welcome Krishnaji. Yes, please keep following it and sharing it with others for better results.

  2. Bhavesh Lalwani

    Hello arvindji

    I am your big fan, till date I was thinking with my own experience that if I think for a negative thing it will not happen to me and only positive thing will happen. Like if I continuously think that I will fail in exam and on the day of result I actually passed.
    But now I am thinking to adopt your idea of positivity and will see and share its result with you.

    Thank you very much.
    CA Bhavesh Lalwani
    Malaysia. (Hometown- Nadiad)

    • arvind Post author

      You are welcome. Please try this program and never think about non positive things. Just be positive and imagine positivity all around you. Money rain will continue and all good things will happen in your life. Jai Shree Ganeshji Maharaj Ki!

  3. BG1981

    !! Jay Shree Ganeshji Maharaj Ki !!

    Thanks a lot Sirjiii !! hahahahhaaa !!!!
    Finally the most awaited money minting formula is in my hand Sirjii !!! thanks a billion !!!!

    From today onward “Minting money in tonnes is the most easiest thing in the world” !!! hahahahhaaa !!!

    • arvind Post author

      You are always welcome my friend! Yes, money minting is the most easiest thing in the world. Keep repeating this and enjoy the money rain forever..hahaha. Jai Shri Ganeshji Maharaj Ki.


    Thank you Arvindji for recommending money minting program. I am a regular follower of yours in MMB. Today, I came to know regarding this blog and I will surely follow your guidelines.

    • arvind Post author

      Ramesh Krishnanji,
      You are always welcome. Yes, please follow this program and allow money rain to continue in your life forever..hahaha!

  5. Neha Ahuja

    I watched the secret movie 5 years back and it helped me a lot. Thank you so much Arvindji for sharing it in a more simpler way than it was.


    • arvind Post author

      The Secret movie and book have been a great influence in my life. I keep sharing the thoughts with everyone around me so that they can benefit from it like me. Keep following this program forever and you will enjoy rain of money and positivity in your life forever!

  6. sudhanshu

    As A said earlier on MMB, I consider you my share market god and a great mentor. I am closely following you for past 6 months or so and i must tell you that my perspective towards life and especially money minting through share market has totally changed. I see things are more controlled now. I am fully confident that with a guide and mentor like you. I will be able to achieve my ultimate goal of having worth 5 crore asset over next 2 n half that time i will be 35. Then i want to spend rest of my life enjoying and helping others. I am confident to achieve this only with you jackpot king! God bless you!

    • arvind Post author

      Thank you for your wonderful message. Keep your goals big and do not care even if others laugh at you. With positive thoughts and this minting program, you will achieve all your dreams. Jai Shree Ganeshji Maharaj Ki!

  7. praful nanda

    Thank you Arvind sir. I am very touched with the content and follow the same theory of sharing knowledge. You are doing wonderful job by sharing great and valuable knowledge to lacs of people across the globe. Today, knowledge is the currency; and you are sharing the same which itself proves how good a human being you are. You are an inspiration of mine and millions. Thank you very much sir!

    • arvind Post author

      You are most welcome Praful Nandaji. I am just trying to share positive thoughts as much as possible. Hope this will help all my friends to get money rain and positivity in their lives. Keep minting forever!

  8. Pavan

    Arvind Bhai,

    The links are not working for me.
    I live in Denmark. Is everybody here able to access the links?
    Could you please help!


  9. Sharad Tater

    Amazing program Arvindji. I am already following most of the concepts mentioned in this program just by following you, your advice on mmb and by interacting with you. Life has changed for good just by knowing you. Now I am always in jhingalala mode, Hahaha.. Now I have the in depth and complete money minting program, which I am going to follow with full faith and enthusiasm.

  10. arvind Post author

    Those who wish to follow this program, remember one thing forever,think of everyone’s prosperity, even if you are unable to think so, do not think wrong anything about others, remember whatever you are thinking for anyone else, your mind can process it for you also. Do not give your mind any kind of non positive thoughts for others also. Hope you understand what I mean to say.

    • Sunnyraj

      Such pure thoughts are worth following! People always wish good for themselves, but wishing for everyone’s prosperity is truly great. And you not only say this, but also have proved it by sharing your invaluable knowledge here as well as on MMB and helping others to prosper!

  11. Ashrav

    Dear and respected Arvind ji, your positive attitude is enhanced by your wish to genuinely help others. I have already made tens of thousands through your advice (Take Solutions) and will make lakhs and crores more. May the positive vibrations that you send out circle back to you magnified several times. You are a messiah of today’s world. Please keep spreading your message and spread prosperity through your knowledge and your positivity. May Divine Grace bless us all.

  12. Kannusamy

    Excellent Arvind ji. Thanks a lot for sharing the money minting program. We all will always mint money in tonnes. Keep minting in tonnes and make whole world positive everywhere.. Hahahaha. Money and positive thoughts are raining everywhere!

    (In MMB:: Aathi_)

    • arvind Post author

      You are most welcome Kannusamyji. Yes, continue feeling this amazing rain of money and positive thoughts and keep minting forever..hahaha!

  13. Varun Sharma(Gurgaon)

    Hello Arvind Sir
    What you write is exactly a life changing programme and an age old recipe which many motivational speakers across the world said i.e Life is what your thoughts are! I am also a student of NLP and learnt on my own which is about programming your mind for positive habits initially using efforts than after some time, it becomes effortless.

    I want to ask you one thing, you have not mentioned anything about “Karma” as you know just by putting thoughts in subconscious mind won’t work, karma is equally important. So my query is how you select stocks that become multibagger? It just can’t be because of pure mind power; there must be some tip, analysis you get or do to conclude that share will go higher! Please share how you choose stocks?

  14. Kuldeep Singh

    Hello Mr. Life Changer. I am Kuldeep Singh(28 years old) from Chandigarh. I am a govt. Servant in Pb. Government department. Sir, you said your life has been changed by Dr. Sneh Desai and mine by you (Arvind Bajaj). I am following you on MMB from past 18 months only and following your Stock tips. I have not only covered my past loss (during 2008 fall) in Stock market but also now I am in Profit (Reentered in 2013) just because of you. I am your fan not only for your fabulous stock views, but also for a kind, generous and positive personality. I read the book Money Matrix and watching The Secret Movie twice a week. It has really changed my life and thinking. I was your 10000th follower on mmb (rk manan, actually using id of my friend) and I will be your 100000th follower on mmb. Many Many Thanks. Actually, I don’t have words to thank you, my big brother.

  15. PRIYA

    Thanks a ton Arvindji for this wonderful, impressive and money flowing “money mint mind program”. I feel very blessed now. With the help of divine helpers like you, we are going to mint tonnes and tonnes of money, whereever we are and whatever we are. Hats off to you! Thank you once again.

  16. Sri-Sonu

    Thank you, you have written it very nicely. It will be nice to know from you about the way for creating a image in mind more on spiritual side and your guruji have seen charna of him? Hope to learn from you about lot more things. Wish you a beautiful future ahead my friend. Thank you with a smile.

    Kind Regards,

      • SRI_SONU

        I mean creating image in mind as you say is not so easy. Seeing the gate is too deep part all this carries a step this only i feel. I wish to know about this as you say money I say on spiritual side other image. I am blessed that I saw your name in MMB by his grace and have met many good people. So, it started from you and many thanks to you for that. About your beloved Guruji, it would be nice to know about him. You are fortunate if you are blessed with guruji’s blessing as a guru chooses a student and so you are indeed blessed.

        Also, please share details on how to study a stock and understand them step by step. If you have time, please share on the blog and MMB. Thank you very much. Best Regards.

  17. jeenu

    Arvind ji,
    I really felt good after reading this. I never thought I have the ability to be a millionaire before reading this program. But, now I know I can. Even I can make more and more money than Arvindji (it may happen).

  18. Mehfuz

    Hearty Thanks to you Arvind ji for your nice sharing. This will add value to my life and all around the world. God bless you. Please share your valuable undiscovered thoughts regarding technical analysis in your upcoming programmes.

  19. Rajesh

    Arvindji,My thoughts on share market changed after following you on MMB .You are a good mentor to me , Minted in tonnes from your recommended jackpots. Getting very much boost and energy everyday after reading Money matrix & Secret Movie. Your Positive thoughts brings positive energy to all your followers.

    Thanks Jackpot King!!

    Jai Shri Ganeshji Maharaj ki Jey!


  20. rishi

    It is indeed a very good program and “money making is the easiest way in the world.” I am your follower from last week.

  21. Dolly890

    Hello Arvind bhai,
    I am ‘Dolly890′ from MMB if you remember me. Sir, I am really overwhelmed and feeling very positive after reading your blog. Really very nice attempt sir. Now, we will grow together. Hearty Congrats and high regards to you!

  22. Mahipal Yadav , Manu Yadav

    Thanks a lot Sirji for changing my mindset after reading your blog. It’s a great help to the people like me to enter in the WORLD OF POSITIVITY. Now onwards MONEY rain will always continue in my life and I am pretty sure of that.

  23. Manish Nagar

    Thanks Arvind Bajaj sir. Actually, money is already raining in my life after I started following you on MMB.
    Sir, I am an athlete and trying for marathon races. I want to know how I will benefit in this field from the minting mind program. To win Mumbai Marathon is my biggest dream in life.

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      manish ji , check the first part of this programe, folow the visualziation process , visuzalize dat u have already won the race and ur frnds relatives etx are cingratulating u,u have just bot the trophy in u home and placed in ur showcase,ur neighbours coming to wish u,feel the hapines , do it as mentioned in first part of this programe, u have won it hahahahaha!!!!!

  24. Uttam Roy


    I had been to Share Market fr a longtime. But your guidance is very inspiring and I started following you for last 2 months and feel more confident to mint money out of Share Market. Currently I am working in an MNC and desiring to have premature retirement and then I am planning to be a full fledge Share Marketeer to mint tons of Money!!!!!!
    I have started your Money Minting program. thanks a lot to you and wish God bless you as you are so kind to guide thousands of followers to mint money.


      • POoja Gehlot

        Hello Arvindji,
        I loved your post. Yes, I always believed that you get whatever you actually desire. In whatever state you are today, its just because of your own self and nobody else. People blame others for their problems instead of facing them and working towards resolving them. For this, you need to have a positive attitude. For anything to work in your favor you first need to be positive and then things will automatically fall in place, be it your problems. Being happy in life and for that matter minting money. Thanks again for spreading the positive wave. Stay blessed and keep smiling as being happy looks good on you :)

  25. vinod gupta

    Your vision towards life is positive. The positivity you are giving to share markeeters is very necessary as I have seen almost 90 percent are surrounded by negativity. Salute you for your guidance. Best regards!

  26. sandeep

    thanks arvind ji for the money minting program I have to make 1 crore before 31st dec 2015 with the help of our minting program I read ur blog on Saturday and also watch the secret movie first time on Saturday night I like the movie very much and in 2 days I erase lots of negative and garbage in my mind and trying to think more and more and only positive things. after doing such things I don’t what exactly happening i don’t know exact but i think i have got such power of positive thinking . now my focus is only for making 1 crore rupees before 31 st dec 2015 i read ur blog many times in two days ……..

    thanks for the great movie advice and the minting program arvind ji u r really gods gift for me thanx……

  27. vinoth

    Arvind ji,
    I am following you in mmb only one month back.. I have missed your post all these years.. Still no issues as u said the best part of my life starts now… In mmb we are not able to get your latest picks.. Here its very clear thanks for this wonderful site.. Pls be active here…

    Thank you…

  28. sushil

    Thanks Arvindji Ji for sharing ur money minting program on the date of my birthday i.e on 17th January. It is a wonderful gift for me. I am ur new follower nd really money is coming from the sky. Once again thanks Guruji

  29. gaurav soni

    thank u sir but can u clear first thing that can this is real possible and second one can u experiment on urself and the third and last one can it helps u to achive all ur targets like wealth etc in ur life and how much time it takes to heppened thank u …. please reply ……

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Gaurav ji,
      Everything is possible in life if you do it with full dedication. Follow the above program whole-heartedly and be patient. If you work hard and be positive, results will follow.

  30. Manish Kumar

    Dear Arvind Sir,

    I had been written my-life story to you.Till i have no received any reply from your side.But i have decided unless you will not reply i will be addressing you.
    Finally i have found the secret of life.I have downloaded the Hindi translation of “The Secret”by Dr.Shudheer Dikshit.I have started to read the book and try to follows this. Sir i am a normal people which is always fear form take any risk.
    Sir i know i am not a single people which suffering from this type of mentality but what i do to coming out from it.
    Sir i know that god will help me always. i have always fell there is never wrong happen with me. But it is true i am always getting less as per my labour & desire. I am respectfully accepted in Education life,Social life,Personal life as well as my service life. I do my work with full effort,i always appreciation for it but result very small. Just like Cricket player “Rahul Dravid” his all records are good in hearing but rejected at the time of awards & honor presentation.


    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Manish ji,
      Stay positive forever and good things will happen. The Secret book and movie have inspired me a lot. I would suggest you to go through the Money Minting Mind Program that I have posted on this blog. It is a simple way of helping you achieve positive things in life.

  31. Bhavesh


    Common thing between you and me is even I have seen The Secret movie in year 2005, I am too in stock market as an investor since 1987. My age at that time was 18 yrs. Became fully active when Essar Steel did buyback of it’s share. I didn’t surrender because in that deal I was in loss.

    As you are inspired by The SECRET movie. Go through this site

    I was very much surprised when I heard that they say Live the life you want. I was pushed by my brother, who paid my fees and hence I joined that seminar of 3-1/2 days. Fees was Rs. 12,300/- or something. There was very few things which I was not aware of. After Reading ‘Raman Maharshi’ book even I was finding the answer of a question “WHO AM I”. I

  32. Kannusamy

    Arvind ji… I’m glad to tell you that I’m going to attend the MIND POWER workshop by Dr. Sneh sirs on 31st Jan and Ist Feb. Hahahahahaha always positive and happy thoughts will be there…. life is jhinggalala always… thanks for making everyone’s life happy…

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      You are welcome Kannusamy ji. You will enjoy the workshop and your life will change positively. Keep minting…hahaha!

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  34. Medha Gujarathi

    Hello Sir,

    Nicely explained concept of sub-conscious mind in ur above post. I do believe in its power and continuously read books on the same by different authors. I also benefited from ur great stock market calls.

    Wish u all success in life !!


    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      You are most welcome Medha ji. Keep benefiting from the power of sub-conscious mind as well as positive thoughts.

  35. GS Prakash

    Arvindji, Making money and also helping others also do it with no expectation are two different traits that seldom exists in an individual. It is very rare that one comes across such a GOOD person. There is very little that an ordinary person like me can say other than just expressing my appreciation(something that you already have in abundance) for your sincere effort. May GOD BLESS YOU and al those who follow your advise.

    Users who have LIKED this comment:

    • avatar
  36. Vijay

    Hello Arvind sir,
    I am reading you recommendation on MMB from long time but recently I came across this site and what a present surprise that I am also from Surat and Dr. Sneh Desai is my life coach from last one year. I am regularly doing attract Money technique by Dr. Sneh Desai. Now onwards I will regularly visit this blog. Thanks a lot sir.

    Users who have LIKED this comment:

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  37. Kamal

    Arvind Ji, Jai Shri Ganesh Ji Maharaj Ki, I want to become your follower. Please add me in your group. As per your guidance i have taken “The Secret”. Before that i have only listen about this magic book. But know i have good faith in it. Please give guidance to me to improve my self & become successful in my life.

    Thanks Lot……

    Users who have LIKED this comment:

    • avatar
    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      kamal ji congrats for opting the secret book/movie, folow the secret for ever,when ever u get a chance do attend workshop of my liife coach dr sneh desai sir,his teachings and methods made me jackpot king from a comon man, check his website for all his upcoming programe schedule in ur city ot nearest city, worth attending in other city as well, donot miss to order money matrix book from his site !

  38. Kishan Agarwal

    Sir I came across ur mags on mmb today 1st time and repld u on Atlanta board that I lost my all rs1lac in 15 days.
    Yet now m really feeling very Positive for my coming Days after reading ur entire blog .
    Thanks Sir pls b in Touch…
    I have already started Minting Positive Thoughts now will start Minting Money also ….
    Thanks sir..

    Users who have LIKED this comment:

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    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      folow the money minting programe on this blog kishan ji, u wil surely mint in tones, never remember history! push the delete button on history !

  39. rajiv kumar

    Arbind jee namaskar and my warm wish for your blog.I have a question for u.ntpc is a very good company but it is not given great return in past pl clerify me possible reason as u think second plclerify if face value Dn from10 to2 what impact on stock return in futur.what your view on moserbaer

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      not good stok ntpc, dabur,pidilite,hul much beter options if one looking to just hold for long term, moser no idea.

  40. Rupesh Sharma

    Dear Sir,

    Great thoughts. I am really surprised to see your this avatar. Generally people recommending shares are just Market Analyst. But you are a total mentor with such a great ideology. Your thoughts have impressed me a lot and thanks for guiding me towards the path of positivity. Thanks a lot.

    Rupesh Sharma

  41. Kuldeep Singh

    Jiske sir par Jackpot king ka Taaj…
    Share Badshah Chahe kal ho ya aaj…
    Sab Jagah hoga sirf Arvind Bajaj Arvind Bajaj Arvind Bajaj….

  42. girish151

    Arvind ji…
    Jai shree Ganesh maharaj ki….
    My mind is becoming fully positive, My hole body is became Secret…….
    I believe secret, I am going believe MY BIG TARGET GOAL 2 Crore arvind ji….
    I can afford 2 Crore in end 2019….feeling good myself, I visualize daily my goal….
    Thank you arvind ji for chaning my life……….really it was miracle magic arvind ji….
    thank you thank you thank you…………………..Money is minting my life……….

  43. girish151

    Arvind ji…
    Jai shree ganesh maharaj ki……..
    I am following all secrets points in my life…….most of people laughing in my front…now i’m getting more spirit in my life….all are make history in my life….
    Arvind ji I setted my mind you are my “GURU”, thank you arvind ji……….
    we are having entire world in Arvind ji team…………

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Thanks a lot for your appreciation. You are always welcome. I am happy to know all my friends are benefiting from this Great Money Minting Mind Program. Keep thinking positive and enjoy the money rain..hahahaha!

  44. tarun

    Dear Arvindji
    I m a great admirer of your money minting mind prgrm and very thankful to u for inculcating positive thoughts in everyones life.

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Tarun ji,
      Thanks for your appreciation. Keep thinking positively and spread the magic of this amazing program with your friends and relatives. To get regular updates about such motivational programs, quotes as well as articles on stocks, contests, etc., you can subscribe to our email newsletter service.

  45. girish151

    Arvind ji…
    Jai shree ganesh maharaj ki……….
    Everyday i’m reading money minting divided imp 4 parts in our blog ji…
    Please add “The Power” imp parts in our blog arvind ji………..
    Thank you arvind ji……..

    Users who have LIKED this comment:

    • avatar
    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Vasanth ji,
      You have replied in the comments section of the article that discusses Money Minting Mind program in detail. Kindly read the above article and you will know what it is all about! Keep enjoying the money rain and positive thoughts forever.

  46. Sachin K

    Hello Arvindji… I came across your posts on MMB a few months back and am following you since then. If you remember I had asked if you are follower of ‘The Secret’ and then many ppl watched it on your recommendation. I liked your ‘Money minting program’ a lot and will be implementing it now.
    Want share something I read years ago – I have read a book on ‘Power of Sub cautious mind’ and it states ‘The Sub cautious mind is always active. It is this mind that effortlessly runs our body functions, pumps our heart and heals our wounds. It just accepts the thoughts that your cautious mind lets in, Sub cautious can not decide good / bad it just accepts, that why we need to stay positive all the time and pass on only positives things to Sub-cautious. Most of time of the day our Cautious mind has the control, and as you mentioned that during peaceful sleep and mediation Sub caution mind becomes more active and takes over your cautious mind. (same when your are praying ). So this is the time we can program the sub cautious directly, but if not possible all the imagination & visualisation done throughout the day still should do some good effect on Sub cautious.
    I have read this and have read and watched ‘The Secret’. All this has made good changes to my life and now I have reached you for guidance on money minting :) So life has become great from now :)

    Thanks for all promising words, your support and your share market recommendations. God Bless :) – Sachin K

  47. Amitabh Sharma

    Dear Arvindji – the Jackpot King!,

    Well written and well taught ways to be happy, healthy and wealthy too. You are living example of what you preach…and besides the greatest achievement is that you have shared the secrets of happiness with all. This itself is so positive!

    Great work…Miracles happen only if you believe in them. And I believe strongly that “Minting money in tonnes is the easiest thing in the world and money keeps pouring in my life”.

    Always Happy n Grateful for everything

  48. Rajendra Rathod

    Dear Arvindji – the Happy Jinghala Man,

    I have just started following you on MMB, id Paramraj (its combination of my son’s name Parmarth and mine Rajendra) in fact I asked you for your blog site today on mmb but ofcourse found you through google. Anyway coming back to the point I have read “The Secret” several time in past and even distributed to friends. Some how I feel my subconscious mind had no conviction and nothing much happened and in fact past 3 year my career has been downhill. I tried following many other people such as Robin Sharma, Sanddep Maheshwari, Swami Sukhbodhanand etc. its like there is saying डूबते को तिनका सहारा, I tried everything but I realised now that its better to stick one thing/Plan and follow it with all your heart , which is exactly I am going to do now.
    Since I do little bit of trading and also an investing for long term but without much profit I was talking a friend whom I met after 20 years (College re-union) and he gave me your Id on MMB and today after reading your blog it gives me a clear visualisation of what I want and how to get it. You have given this in most simple way and it gives me a very positive vibe.

    you are collecting blessing which most important thing in life.

    I would keep you posted about my progress and would definitely take others alongwith me.

    Let the Money Rain,

    Jai Shree Krishan
    Rajendra Rathod

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  49. Arvind Bajaj Post author

    Rajendra ji , u have visited excatly at right time,just dnt miss my upcoming post on this blog whthin few minutes, i think it will be the post for which u have been bought to this blog,by ur god!

  50. Rajendra Rathod

    Dear Arvindji,

    Thank you very much for your reply.
    I was going through your portfolio and noticed that there the requirement of time of purchase is not mentioned, if possible pls try to add that colomn as well.

    Yes, God is always guiding us in right direction.

    Jay Shree krishna
    Rajendra Rathod

  51. girish151

    Arvind ji..
    Jai shree Ganesh ji Maharaj ki………
    here I’m very happily share you all my experience just a month practice, my life has became amazing arvind ji really….gratitude, happy, thank you, feeling good, staying positive, loving bundles of money, imagining or visualize my dream goal or all i wants in my life…more than 50 minutes everyday i am imagining my life(3 different times)..thank you for my life, my life is fully amazing fantastic etc….ha ha ha hearlty thank you arvind ji……..Money keeps raining my life arvind ji really…….only i’m listening good positive news only automatically all are coming good positive news arvind ji… my office everyboday calling bullet typing master…because i am very faster in computer typing kannada & english & i lovey my job…..
    I love you arvind ji…..because you turned so money peoples to live everyday positively…thank you for turning my life fully positive…thank you for caring retailers or small investors arvind ji…..
    I love share market ha ha ha ha…thank you bse & nse and who worked behind thank you once again…thank you automated bidding & asking computer systematic in bse & nse……single day i’m not miss reading money minting program article in our website arvind ji……please who is in speciall retailers share market please follow arvind ji website be ur life fully positive love, money, life etc…….
    thank you arvind ji……………

  52. Kuldeep Singh

    Sir, Dhunseri Invest. also locked in Upper Circuit….. I hope this will run upto 25-30%… hahahahah…….. Life is awesome….. Nothing has been changed technically in life…… but a great change in life Fundamentaly…. Positive Thinking……… Life Jhingalala……. Money Rain…… Love…… Thanks God…….. Thanks Arvind Bhai…. for guiding me & others…… God Bless you & your Family…….

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      It’s all in the mind Kuldeep ji. Be positive, think positive and do positive things. Keep following the Money Minting Mind Program. Everything will automatically happen for your good..God bless us all!

  53. girish151

    Arvind ji…
    Jai shree ganesh ji maharaj ki………….
    Life is full jingalala arvind ji…ha ha ha
    Daily i’m reading money minting program….day by day mind is fully becoming positive….ha ha ha

    Arvind ji ‘money matrix’ book is not available in sneha sir website, where may i purchase sir..please send me purchasing link arvind ji..
    thank you arvind ji…

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      dats the spirit girish ji, always jhimgalala mode hahahhhah,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!! call customer care and ask them when book wil be available,no other source to buy money matrix book !

      • girish151

        Arvind ji..
        Jai shree ganesh ji maharaj ki..
        Thank you arvind ji……..
        yes i can call to them arvind ji…

  54. girish151

    Arvind ji.
    Jai shree ganesh ji maharaj ki….
    Arvind ji Daily i’m reading money minting program without miss, i’m getting smile face reading because of gold person always smilling for me…..ha ha ha ha
    Amazing gold smiling person pic arvind ji….

  55. girish151

    Arvind ji..
    Jai shree ganesh ji maharaj ki…
    Arvind ji any plan to launch to your own book ji…. I believe “Jackpot king arvind ji” few years will be launch new book, it’s going to world popular….ha ha ha ha
    money keeps raining my life………..have a rock everyday arvind ji…..

  56. Chimbu1109

    Arvindji, since I saw the secret movie, life is full of jingala….. Minted money in tones. Positive thought and spirit filled with me. No worry, patience and happiness only. Pl keep post such inspirational article in the blog. I going to practice the money minting program. Eagerly waiting for your new recommendations. Well done guru and no words for expressing my gratitude.

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Yes Chimbu ji, life is always in jhingalala mode if you stay positive adapting the money minting program. For the new stocks in which investment is done, you can refer the multibaggers section of this blog. Keep minting always..hahahaha

  57. Satish Puranik

    I am the most luckiest person to come across your Blog one night. today I read your money minting mantra. I am going to follow it. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks. Maney maney Thanks

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      umesh ji paisa kamana duniya ka sabse aasan kam hai,money keeps raining in my life, keep saying this to urself and others,even if someone laughs at u keep saying and see da magic in few mnths!

  58. Madhu Kumar

    Dear Arvindji, awesome mantra, and i’m amazed by your thoughts.. I will follow your advises going forward.. thank you, and god bless. Jai Shree Ganeshji Maharaj Ki!

    Madhu Kumar

  59. lakshminarayanan

    dear Arvind ji,
    Its my great pleasure to see the movie “the secret” recommended by you.
    really u r an important person to me as i am going to be the change what i wish particularly by law of attraction.
    thanks a lot … together we become millionaires…..awesome…..

  60. mANU

    1)500 JAYASWAL NECO @31/-
    2)300 SICAGEN INDIA @ 33/-
    3)300 HOTEL LEELA @41/-
    4)300 TAMIL PETRO @ 22/-
    5)300 HCC@ 67/-
    6)27 RELIANCE COM @227/-
    7)50 JAI CORP @ 1150/-



    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      realy, all ur stocks are deep below ur cost, i like only tamilnadu from ur list,rest shud be exited on rallies!

  61. Manu

    Guruji…..Do you mean that I shd sell them and incur loss ji…Please guide me ya agar inko hold karke Rankhon to koi chance hai dal dal se nikalne ka….PRANAM

  62. Vidhu

    Hello, Sir,
    May GOD BLESS YOU and all those who follow your advice. Thank you so much for this money minting program.

  63. VISHAL.R.K.

    Dear Sir
    Thanks very munch giving such a great and wonderful positive thoughts it really change our thinking and behavior and also provide strength
    “jai bajarangbali jai shri ram”


    Jai Shree Ganeshji Maharaj Ki!


  65. ganesh kumar

    dear Arvind sir, one of my colleague is making fun and comedy about you (as well as he’s claiming that share market is a big chetares world where no small investor earns money) with the below link, pls clarify:

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      dear ganesh ji, those who cant do anything in life have nothing left other than making coments on sucessfull people,its ur choice to focus on such elements or positivity!

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      the secret movie is renonwned all over the world winning several awards and changing lifes of millions around the globe including myslef, i still watch the same movie 3/5 times a week !

      simple advise to u,just follow what sucesful people do,leave rest!

  66. Siddhi Ambokar

    Dear Arvindji

    Thanks a lot with such a great thoughts. I will start applying this. This will be indeed a money rain for me.

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