*Partial Profit Booking Done* Getting Bullish With Pharma Sector’s Caplin Point Stock

Caplin Point Labs Stock


Dear Friends,
The real multibagger stock Caplin Point has rose significantly even today. It has crossed levels of Rs.1350 from initial invested levels of around Rs.600, thereby giving more than 120% returns. Such a amazing rally has been enjoyed in Caplin Labs stock in literally very less time. I have finally booked 70% profits in Caplin Point shares and holding remaining free ones. This is indeed a big celebration time for all those who have minted money with Caplin stock. May the money rain continue like this on us…hahahaha!

UPDATES as on April 1, 2015: Big Party in CAPLIN POINT Stock

Dear Friends,
Caplin Point Stock has witnessed a long series of upper circuits after the entry point at around Rs.600 levels. The stock has crossed Rs.1000 levels comfortably and has even reached higher levels of Rs.1125 as on 1st April, 2015. Such a continuous money rain in Caplin Point Shares has been simply amazing! Hope all investors who had bought Caplin shares for their portfolio are celebrating this big party. The stock has been in ‘jhingalala’ mode for a long time..hahahahaha!

Celebration image


Dear Friends,
The Caplin Point Stock has been witnessing new highs been touched and it has now reached significantly higher levels of Rs.980 to Rs.999. Investment in Caplin Point Labs shares has proved to be quite profitable in a short span of time. Have done partial profit booking of about 30% today and will plan about re-investing on dips in future. As of now, it is time to enjoy partial profits earned from Caplin Point stock’s upmove.

UPDATES as on 12th March 2015: CELEBRATION TIME in CAPLIN POINT stock
Dear Friends,
The stock market is witnessing big rallies in several stocks in my portfolio. Today, Caplin Point Labs stock price touched new highs of Rs.911 and enjoyed a tremendous party. From levels of Rs.620-650, almost 50% upmove has been seen in Caplin Point share price. Such positive uptrend is possible because of holding stocks with patience. May this money rain in the stock portfolio continue in future and let’s enjoy the current party in Caplin.


*UPDATES about expected levels on Caplin Point Stock as on 23rd Feb’2015*
Hello Friends,
It has just been 12 days since I made an initial investment entry in Caplin Point Stock around Rs.680 levels and it has already reached my initial expected levels of Rs.850 today (on 23rd Feb’2015). Yes, Caplin Point touched an intra-day high of Rs.851 on NSE on 23rd February 2015. I am still holding this stock with patience for higher expected levels ahead.

*End of 23rd Feb’15 Update on Caplin Point Stock*

Dear Friends,
With so many success stories for pharma stocks in my portfolio like Coral Labs, Celestial Labs, Bliss GVS, Morepen Labs, etc., I keep getting new great potential pharmaceutical stocks through my analysis. The latest pharma stock that I have started investing from today onwards is Caplin Point Laboratories. I have bought few Caplin Point stocks at Rs.683 levels and plan to continue investing some more in the range of Rs.600 to Rs.700 levels. My aim is to hold Caplin Point shares for atleast 3-4 months to achieve higher expected levels of Rs.850 to Rs.900. Once again, patience is going to be the key with this pharma stock that I have picked for a bullish run in the Indian stock market.

In this article, I shall discuss about Caplin Point Labs Company background, Caplin Point share price, future expected levels, etc.

Caplin Point BSE Id524742
Caplin Point Current Market Share Price (as on 11th February’15)INR 683

Arvind Bajaj’s Views on jackpot stock Caplin Point in his Portfolio

I have started making investments in Caplin Point shares for my portfolio at Rs.683 levels and will continue buying small amounts in the range of Rs.600 to Rs.700 levels. I plan to hold this stock for 3 to 4 months for higher expected levels of about Rs.850 to Rs.900.

My Personal Bullish Expected Levels for Caplin Point Stock in my portfolioRs.850 to Rs.900 (in 3-4 months time)

Company Background for Caplin Point Laboratories Ltd.

This company got established as a private limited firm in 1990 to manufacture variety of creams, ointments & other External applications apart from regular pharmaceutical formulations segments. It got converted into a Public Limited company in 1994 as its public issue got oversubscribed 117 times which was a record in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry.

A new ongoing project for Caplin Point company involves a facility that would be in compliance with UK MHRA, US FDA as well as other regulatory bodies for multiple dosage forms like ophthalmic drugs, liquid injectables & lyophilized bio tech products.

You can access further information about Caplin Point Laboratories Limited company at: Caplin Point Laboratories Official Website

Please note that I always stick to basic guidelines before investing in the Indian stock market as I believe it will help you to stay patient and make profits in the long run. My methods for investing in stocks that I follow are:
Arvind Bajaj’s Methods of Stock Investment

To unravel the secret of always staying positive and enjoying money rain in our lives, one can follow the Money Minting Mind Program.

NOTE: The above information is purely my own personal take / view / discussion on Caplin Point Laboratories Limited company stock after my analysis. I am not at all a certified Stock Analyst or Stock Broker or Research Analyst. All my readers of this blog are advised to perform their own analysis and consult any authorized research analyst or financial advisor before taking their investment decision.

I am Arvind Bajaj, primarily a renowned textile business man from Surat, Gujarat. I am a big follower of my life coach Dr.Sneh Desai and his preachings along with Money matrix book has had a big influence on my life. My daily dose of motivation to achieve bigger things in life comes from reading “The Secret” book and watching “The Secret” movie.

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  1. Kannusamy

    Arvind Ji, please give a view on Polyspin Exports. bought @ Rs. 60. I can hold for 6 months minimum. please suggest. thanks

  2. dipesh shah

    Price to Earning: 31.63>>>very high
    Debt to equity: 0.03 >>>>>>look good
    Debt To Profit: 0.14% >>>>>look good
    PB X PE: 393.48>>> very high

    it”s my view only…u always great

  3. Kaushik

    Dear Arvind Ji,

    Have followed your recos and have earned good money in Arrow and NCC. Thanks a ton!
    Your reco Syncom Formulations is not doing good. I took a position at 6.4. Please advise.


    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      dear joyrock,800/850 is our initial lvls on caplin.long term lvls is more than 1500,keep enjoying the money rain hahahahaha !!!!!!

  4. ajay kumar

    dear arvind ji
    you are doing very good work by doing help of others by give ur suggestions. as mostly people in world think how they become rich and other down. But hats off for your thought to get rich and make other also rich. hats off u once again…

    is it good to enter morepen labs tomorrow ..plz give ur valuable views…

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  5. kunwar

    Arvind sir……. jai shri ganesh ji maharaj ki….
    sir Itni fast to rbi note nhi chhapti jitni fast aapke jackpot aa rahe hai…….hahahahahaha…….. joining all the jackpots……
    Sir keep minting

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  6. kunwar

    Arvind sir khas aapke liye……….
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  8. joyrock14

    So much higher targets in caplin.
    Thank u sir.
    If i have more money then i also buy more sir
    but alas i dnt have so much

  9. Ajay Kumar

    Arvind Ji
    I am a small investor who invest limited money on a diversified stocks most of them as recommended by you (each less than 5% portfolio weightage). Could you suggest one stock(with CMP less than 50) which could become next Atul Auto for adding in my portfolio. My analysis narrowed on to two stocks. Rico Auto and Pricol. Please advice any other as per your analysis.


  10. Sam

    Dear Arvind Sir, Thanks for all your findings and help. Following all your tips as investor and not trader surely is helping loads of people. :)

  11. Kunal Goyal

    Dear Arvind Bhai

    Please suggest i am holding Pix Trans with your recommendation @80.80

    it has performed so badly

    please suggest what to do

  12. Kunal Goyal

    Dear Arvind Ji

    I am holding Pix Trans @80.80 with your suggestions

    please suggest what to do

    it has performed so bad

  13. Niraj

    Arvind ji. Need your valuable suggestion on Shreyas Shipping. I am watching it from 200 but haven’t added thinking it is expensive. but it is now quoting @ 450 level and their recent result was also great. considering 1 year hold time, would you advice me to buy @ CMP. Many thanks in advance

  14. Shrinivas Pangnurwar

    Dear Arvindji

    I have wittnessed one of the most magnificient stock rally of my life in TWL which along with two successive Indian wins. This is a rare coincidence many thanks for the rally. I really made a descent gains in that. With due respect to the rule of investing as guided by you, i wish to state that TWL rally has broken all the rules on its journey. The wagaon was loaded with money every day till date, arare phenomeon to be observed. Thanks sir ,i also take this opportunity to convey my heartilest congrats to you for helping so many people in this rally. may your tribe increase my dear brother. As suggested by you tyo me i have conveyed the message of your blog to some of my wellwishers. Sir along with this i would also like to mention that i had entered your new one suggested @ Rs156.

    Thanks and regards

    Shrinivas, Nagpur

  15. kamal* joshi

    Arvind ji today entered in spice jet .thank you any view for suzlon..can i hold it or exit from suzlon..thankyou

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  18. Medha Gujarathi

    Arvind ji all good news raining today – Amrutan, Caplin, Spice, IVRCL

    Thanks a ton and wish you all success !!

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    Arvindji thanks. You just Rocks !!!
    Can we exit at this level or continue to be thr.

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  20. vishwa

    arvindji iam a big fan and regular watcher of ur board.i might rather fail to see my personel mail but dont sleep without seeing ur board arvind151.arvindji plz suggest whether i can enter caplin point at cmp.or else can u suggest any other pharma stock for me plz.waiting for reply.

  21. satya pauil bajaj

    I am a new investor. learn to know you are really very helpful to needy persons, I am aproaching with candid heart thanks.

  22. Sharad Tater

    Thanks Arvindji, planning to enjoy the profits by taking out family for holiday to Nepal. Profit utilized for family happiness and recreational activities with kids is invaluable…. Hahahah…

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    Arvind ji..
    Jai shree ganesh ji maharaj ki…..
    Congradulations arvind ji & all of you…….minting money in tonness………..ha ha ha ha

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Thanks Girishji…May the money rain continue forever and ever..hahahaha…Jai Shree Ganesh Ji Maharaj Ki.

  24. Charley

    Arvindjee, I made a lot of money in this stock based on your recommendations only. Will it touch 2000 ?

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  26. G

    Hi Arvind!

    I am new to your website … :)

    Please change the background of your website from currency notes !!! …
    to something more spiritual like Lord Ganesha…

    Is Coral labs a good pick at the current levels …
    (provided I can buy its on continuous upper circuit)



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