Extremely Bullish on Pharma Stock Kilitch Drugs (India)

Kilitch Drugs (India)

Dear friends,
Kilitch Drugs (India) is an extremely bullish pharma counter stock. I had shared my views on MMB and Facebook about this stock around Rs.40 levels. It seems good for higher levels like 68, 80 and 100.

Kilitch Drugs (India)

Background for Kilitch Drugs India Ltd.

This is a pharmaceutical company offering services that range from manufacturing to marketing formulations in all dosage forms including parenteral, solid and liquid forms. It has been one of the renowned manufacturers of anti-bacterial parenteral formulations. In India, it also produces host of sterile liquid formulations.

It has added value to many reputed national and multinational pharma companies through quality contract manufacturing service for 25 years. You can access further information about this company at: Kilitch Drugs Official Website

BSE Id for Kilitch Drugs (India) – 524500
NSE Id for Kilitch Drugs (India) – KILITCH

Arvind Bajaj’s views for discussion on Kilitch Drugs (India)

I started sharing my discussions about this stock at 40 levels on MMB as well as Facebook in the last couple of months of 2014. As on 18th January’2015, the last recorded price of Kilitch Drugs stock is Rs 46.45. Once this stock manages to cross Rs.80 on closing basis, it has potential to reach levels of Rs.100 or 120.

My Personal Bullish Expected Levels for Kilitch Drugs (India) – Rs.68, Rs.80, Rs.100 or beyond

NOTE: The above information is purely my personal take / view on Kilitch Drugs (India) based on my analysis. I am not a certified Stock Analyst or Stock Broker or Research Analyst. Readers are advised to perform their own analysis and consult any authorized research analyst or financial advisor before taking their investment decision.

I am Arvind Bajaj, primarily a renowned textile business man from Surat, Gujarat. I am a big follower of my life coach Dr.Sneh Desai and his preachings along with Money matrix book has had a big influence on my life. My daily dose of motivation to achieve bigger things in life comes from reading “The Secret” book and watching “The Secret” movie.

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60 thoughts on “Extremely Bullish on Pharma Stock Kilitch Drugs (India)

  1. jeenu

    Encouraging words arvind ji !!! Is this the right time to enter in this stock? Or can we wait for the corrections ?

  2. Pinku

    I am a small investor with small capital wanting to invest in market. I need your guidance to understand how you invest. I am following you on MMB as well as on Facebook, but not invested yet.

    • arvind Post author

      Thanks a lot. Please keep reading my posts on this blog for discussions on various stocks and also for the money minting mind program.

      • Pinku

        sir, i am reading your all blogs and posts on mmb and fb since more than six months but not invested because parking money in pf and FD for family. now i am prepared.

  3. BG1981

    !! Jay Shree Ganeshji Maharaj ki !!

    Yes Sirjii
    Kilitch Drugs le dala to life jingalala !! Hahahhaa !!!

    ‘Minting money in tonns is a esiest
    thing in the world’ !!!

  4. gschahal

    ‘Jai Shree Ganesh ji Maharaj ki’

    Dear Arvind bhai,
    I m new to stock market and started investing from nov14 after seeing your posts on mmb. Recently I purchased Haldyn@30,indra@70,take@59,elegant@90,amrut @435,kilitch @41, jagsonpal @37,bengal assam@580, Ncc@57. My entry level are high but given the targets by jackpot king I m very bullish on all these counters. I m booking partial profit also whenever advised by you.
    Would like to thank you for your service to the mankind. Your hard work is helping lot of retail investors like me and they are minting money in tonnes.
    You have made their life jingalala…..
    Thanks Arvind bhai once again.

  5. partha dutta

    Arvind sir,
    I have Jagsonpal pharma bought around Rs.40. Please let me know potential target for this stock.

  6. Guruprasad mudda

    Congratulations for your new blog! When kilitch drugs share price was quoting 43 on 11th dec-14 , you shared your bullish views about Kilitch at 39 levels I bought kilitch at 40, it has tested 35 and then the price has shot up well. Now my profit is almost 20% in a month. I bought the right share, by following you.

  7. Gaurang Desai

    Bought amrutanjan @ 512 and later @ 400. Do not bothered at all as you said downtrend is T group effect. Kindly advice can it be added at CMP as one of your post on MMB you had given a heafthy target of 2500.

  8. prakash london

    Hello Arvind Bhai,

    Congratulations for your new website . I am from London ,UK following you on Facebook and mmb from last 6 months. It was very difficult to get share ideas on MMB with so many messages and so many replies from members.
    I have bought the Kilitch Drugs (India) @ 45 and looking forward to buying more shares. Your methodologies
    (Arvind Bajaj Methods of Investing in Indian Stock Market) are very good and I am impressed :)

    Thanks for helping people. God bless you! Life jingalala !! Hahahhaa!


  9. varalakshmi

    Dear Arvindji,

    i need to have your view on freshtrop fruit. how is this stock, it is going to boom in the future.

    if it is yes, at which level i can enter.


  10. Phani

    Jai Shree Ganesh Maharaj ki.
    Arvind Bhai, your recommendations are the jackpots of millennium and you aer the man of the millennium and your followers are becoming millionaires so easily. Thanks Arvind Bhai for making us mint money in tons so easily which was never even dreamt earlier before following you and your advices are giving us peace of mind. Now only thinking of big. Personally, I am very glad that I have got someone like u with me who guides me and motivates with your messages. I am also very happy that I can pay for my housing loans in dollars $$$$ with the money earned because of you. Thanking you so much.

    Please advice on skm egg and mic electronics.

      • girish151

        Arvind ji,
        You are a hidden genuine big technical analyst. I think you will achieve fast & furious 1 crore followers. All mmb friends are coming to arvind jackpot own website. God bless you Arvindji as well as all your dreams. Thanks for saving retail investors. I am very happy Arvind ji.

  11. amit gaur


    I am retired person but with full of energy, hopes and optimism for life and surrounding society.
    I have read your blogs on mmb in the recent past and found them quite
    useful and helpful to one & all. The beauty is that it is for all without any restrictions. That is great. May god give you all the best to serve the society well.

    Thanks & regards.

  12. Shrinivas Pangnurwar

    Dear Arvindji,
    From your blog one can learn and earn both regarding the respective company from the given details, as I am into professional practice as a Chartered Accountant. May God bless you in all your endeavours in all walks of your life. Helping others to earn without restrictions who are unknown requires a very big heart which very few are gifted by God. One of them is you sir. People like you are made by God truly. Sir I also want to be on MMB which is your favourite board. Kindly accept my respect and regards.


  13. swathi shenoy

    love your views on life and your never ending enthusiasm towards life…giving a helping hand to all your followers makes u a great man..Hats off to your new website..May u also flourish with it..


    Dear Arvind ji, I have recently started to follow you. I am a small investor and is currently invested in the following stocks:
    JBM AUTO @ 178.00
    SNL BEARING @ 136.00
    SHILPI CABLE @ 50.00
    YBRANT TECH @ 56.00
    VIRINCHI TECH @ 36.00
    SYNC FORMU @ 6.95

    Please guide me what I should do as I have my most chunk invested in YBRANT & SNL BEARINGS. Please suggest me some good stocks so that I can also feel the rain. How about PIX TRANS, KILITCH DRUGS.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sumit Gupta

  15. Jeetendra Kaushik

    Dear Arvindji,

    First of all “Many Congratulations” for wonderful platoform and forum for people like us who are “un-necessary” marked with red flag on MMB :) hence not sure my messages were reached to you or not.

    I must start below with “Millions of Thanks” for all crisp and on spot tips which helped lot of people who hardly understand stock market to that extent. Since I started following your tips I hardly see “Red” color in portfolio and 100% credit goes to you; HATS OFF to you dear Arvinbhai… Jai Ganesh Ji Maharaj Ki,.. God Bless You….

  16. Anand Bais

    Hi Arvindji, I hv been following you for last 6 news now. I have request you to pls pm me on mmb, but I guess it has got missed. I have YB @ 18.3 ; tanla@15.5 ; pochiraju @ 34, paushak @ 304. Pls suggest of these are good investments with 2 year time frame. Also if you Cd suggest some other multi bagger stocks. Thanx. Regards.

  17. Sreekumar

    Arvind Ji, Nakaskar, I’m very lucky to find you & I know you since last couple of months only. Kindly allow me to subscribe my login Id with this new website. After a long gap of 4 years, I added below scrips in my fortfolio for long term of 2-3 years. Kindly advise if I can continue with these scrips or no.
    1600 units of datamatics @ Rs. 89.31 on 9th Sep ’14
    70 units of GMRINFRA @ Rs. 28 on 16th July ’14
    100 units of Kilitch @ Rs. 50.13 on 21st Jan ’15
    456 units of Morepen lab @ Rs. 10.98 on 21st Jan ’15
    745 units of Syncom F @ Rs. 6.62 on 21st Jan ’15
    645 units of syncom health @ Rs. 7.72 on 21st Jan ’15

    Thank you sir.

  18. Shrinivas Pangnurwar

    Dear Arvindji

    Thanks for the new stock Arrow Textiles added it planning to add more i always look for long term only. Along with also added Edelweiss, Kilitch. Awaiting for your mentioned book. watched clips from Sneh Desaiji the essence of his (purify your mind) if this is done even to fifty percent from present levels you can achieve lot.

    Thanks for the guidance. bye

    Shrinivas , Nagpur

  19. Deb

    Dear Arvindji,

    Many congratulations for your new site! I have been following you on MMB for past few months and now it will be much easier to follow here. Wanted to know your views on OnMobile, OrientCont, OptoCirc, SanghviMov, DolphinOff and Aban. Holding the latter @ 700+ price for quite some time.



  20. Vikas

    Dear Arvind Ji,

    I am a new investor and today I came to know about your website. After reading your guidelines and going through various success stories investors comments, I am very much impressed from you. I am also thinking that I am very much lucky and god blessing on me that I can come in your contact. Sir, I have subscribe at your website. But, I want to know that as you suggested to buy PIX Transmission and Tata Investment Corporation Ltd. Can I enter in these stock now ? Please also suggest me some good stock in which I can invest. I know u have updated everything at your website but i am bit confuse that in which stocks should i enter. If u will recommend some stocks to enter then it will be a great help for me and many other new investors like me who are following you. Thanks Sir.

  21. suhas

    Thanks a lot Arvind Bhai for your recommendation on Kilitch.. i have bought 1500 shares at 42 waiting for money Rain :) :) :)
    I am keenly waiting for your third target 100
    may god bless you

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