Expressing Gratitude towards Life Coach Dr Sneh Desai

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Dear friends,
Many times on MMB and Facebook, I have shared my secret of success starting with my life coach Dr.Sneh Desai Sir from Ahmedabad gujarat. Today, I just want to say a big thanks to Sneh sir for bringing unimaginable pleasant changes in my life as well as in the lives of millions of his students all over the world. Today, I am specially sharing the link of his site for all of you so that you can check his life changing products and event calender of his upcoming programs.

Role of Sneh Sir in Arvind Bajaj’s life

Few years back, I was living a normal life like an unknown man searching for success and wanting to do something big. The spirit was there, but motivation was missing. I was in search of some spark from somewhere to enlighten me and bring myself on path of success. There is a principle of nature: when you desperately wish for something, God will show you some way to achieve it. It depends on you how to grab those opportunities when they come along. Similarly, my friend was God sent for me. I used to always share my thoughts with one of my very close and old friend Nilesh Chauhan from Surat. He gradually understood what I was looking for. That was the turning point of my life when he gave me a book of Sneh sir named ‘THE MONEY MATRIX’. Yes, this was the book that led to all my success. Nilesh handed over the book to me and told ‘Arvind, if you don’t like the book just give it back to me, but don’t give to anyone else. Those words stuck in my mind and I felt there was something special in that book. Normally, I used like reading books. I started reading The Money Matrix book on the same night when Nilesh handed it to me and after reading it for just 10 minutes I could feel a sense of amazement. I read that whole book within 3 days and kept on repeating it for next 3 months!

Life Coach Dr Sneh Desai

Impact of the book ‘The Money Matrix’ and ‘Mind Power’ workshop

The book was amazingly wonderful and changed my thoughts forever. I started thinking positively under all circumstances. I understood the power of subconscious mind and how it works for us all the time and how we can change our life (for good) as we wish with our thoughts! And post that, something incredible happened. As they say in hindi ‘Sone pe Suhaaga’, someone was hearing my wishes or may be the Almighty was willing to change my life as my inner voice may have reached the universe. In the same week when I completed reading the book, I saw an advertisement about ‘Mind Power’ workshop that was going to be held in Surat in the very next month. My eyes lightened up and I immediately took a firm decision to attend that workshop by Sneh sir. That was it! I managed to attend the life changing workshop that seemed to have brought about all the positive changes in me.

I am short of words to express the feelings I had after attending that amazing workshop. I never looked back from that day onwards to this moment when I am writing this post on my own blog. My true successful journey begun from that day and all the success I had is credited to those 2 days.

Today, your friend Arvind Bajaj is followed by investors in more than 120 nations in the world. Besides wealth, I achieved unimaginable popularity all over the world (in any XYZ city of India or any XYZ country of world) and doors kept opening for jackpot king! I am not a filmstar or any cricketer, politician or big industrialist. Still, I managed to reach out to so many people and get their best wishes all the time. In history of mankind, first time ever any stock market related individual has been this much popular across the globe! I have often received gifts from people in India and fans from more than 27 countries abroad. I have even received invitations from more than 11 countries with all facilities to settle there. Such unconditional love from my well-wishers along with many more personal achievements have been a true hallmark of my success till date!

I believe that everyone of you can achieve such success if you just follow the mind power program regularly. If you do it, you would realize there are simply no limits to success for anyone. Everyone has the same power and you just need to learn to utilize them to full extent and then watch the magic unfold.

Friends, if you are reading this post currently, it clearly means that you are either my follower or my fan or my friend or visiting this blog for my personal stock ideas. In any case, I can see a big trust factor for me if you have approached this blog. Hence, I strongly recommend all of you to read ‘The Money Matrix Book’ and also attend Sneh Sir’s Mind Power workshop (even if not in your city, you can attend it in any other city of India as it is totally worth it).

Useful details about Dr.Sneh Desai Website and Work

Link of Sneh Sir’s website is:

Link of Sneh Sir’s event calendar is:

List of Products Offered:

Please note that I have no direct or indirect financial relations with Sneh Sir’s company. I am his student and follower. I am sharing all this only because he brought about all pleasant changes in my life and I strongly believe that you can also benefit from it and change your life for better. This article is just a small tribute to my life coach Dr Sneh Desai Sir. All I want to say is ‘Millions of thanks to Dr. Sneh Desai sir’!

I am Arvind Bajaj, primarily a renowned textile business man from Surat, Gujarat. I am a big follower of my life coach Dr.Sneh Desai and his preachings along with Money matrix book has had a big influence on my life. My daily dose of motivation to achieve bigger things in life comes from reading “The Secret” book and watching “The Secret” movie.

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47 thoughts on “Expressing Gratitude towards Life Coach Dr Sneh Desai

  1. Aditi

    Hi Arvindji, I am trying to buy THE MONEY MATRIX book from Sneh desai’s website, however I am not able to find it. I can see AAP OR PAISA book available. Is it same book?

    • Kannusamy

      Dear Arvind Ji,
      Thanks lot, Even though I’m not fully familiar with Hindi. I have attended Dr.Sneh sir program a month back in Pune. It is really life changing. Everyone must read and attend his program its really awesome, no words to say day by day I’m feeling positivity everywhere. Thanks a lot, because of you only I came to know the book and program. Hahahahahaha life is always jhingalala…

      Dear Aditi,
      6 months back I have bought it from website but now it is not shown in website currently, but you can contact through phone and inquire about book. Surely they will provide or show the way to get it.
      Help Line: +91 79 6190 4444.

      • AnilT

        I was also there in workshop in Pune on 31st Jan-1st Feb and I think I’d given you Hi-Five :)

        Positive changes have started working for me and there were couple of memorable incidents happened in my life; Still long way to go……
        I am strongly waiting for Money matrix book.

        Thank you so much Arvind sir, Dr Sneh sir, his team and every one in my life who helped me grow and thank you to those too who have shown me failure;
        I can see India on top of the world in years coming to. I love my India, my People.

        Last year I was rejected in Lottery for H1 visa to US. Because God wanted me to attain Mind power Workshop by Dr Sneh sir before going to US. Ab dekhna agle saal me US jarur jaunga, wealth banaunga aur India ake kuch aisa kaam karunga ki Indian talent ko US jana na pade aur US ke citizen India ane ke liye lottery khelte baithe…. hahahahaaha

        Isko samajh daala to Life Zingalala……………

        Hi-Five to you Arvind sir…

  2. girish

    Thanks a lot Arvind Sir for your Value added info on “Life” other than “stocks”.

    Keep Rocking :)

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  3. Arvind sir follower

    Arvind Sir,

    Just read your article about guruji sneh world. I’m very much impressed and openned the link i’m living in Gandhidham Gujrat. I’m basically from south india and moved here 2 months before. I’m also lucky, today sneh ji’s seminar is going on in Gandhidham. I will be attending on 1st march without fail. As per your suggestion i’m reading the Secret book. May be my positive waves started working. Thank you so much for sharing this article.

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    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      as sneh sir says “ye do din apki puri zindagi badal denge ” and it wil be true for u hahahaah!!!!

  4. uditkanoria

    Bhai..U hv changed my life to d best..I am grateful to u and will always be so..following ur gr8 money minting programme and visualisation process daily and reaping extraordinary benefits..a big thank u to u and Sneh Sir and Rhonda Byrne..u r my mentor :-)

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  5. Ganesh

    Bought the book sir Money matrix…delivery by sat. Excited! Thank you so much Arvind ji! God Bbless!!

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  6. subhro banerjee

    dear arvindji.
    we are confident of getting your valuable advice & patronage .

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  7. Sharad Tater

    Thanks Arvind JI for sharing your life story… and for all his fans and followers, who have bought the book or planning to buy the book. Please do remember to read the book and read it multiple times to install the positive money minting program in your mind. Do not read it while travelling or along with other activities. Read it in full solitude, understand and repeat it till you feel positive from inside. Remember buying is one thing, reading is another and practicing is ultimate…!! best of luck to all…!!!

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Thanks Sharad ji for spreading awareness about this book and about the power of money minting program installation. Best luck to all!


    Aww this is beautiful very nice to know you life journey and the teacher . Although i see your words on mmb too on this but this is written very nicely
    All the best Arvind
    For your good work and your life ahead . :)

  9. Girish

    Arvind ji,
    After referring your messages on MMB i have just bought “The Secret” book and started reading it. I will surely go for “The Money Matrix” as it will also give me immense understanding on mind power and positive thought. Thanks to you.

  10. jays

    Dear Bro,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. In the past I attended ‘mind power’ course in Mumbai by someone else (not conducted by Mr Sneh Desai). I was excited for 2 days and then it was like “Raat Gai, Baat Gai”. I also read book, “The Power of your Subconscious Mind” written by Joseph Murphy. But same, I forgot everything in few day.
    Thanks for reminding everything and constantly harping on the principles written in book “Money Matrix”, so that it becomes once nature, like it has become your nature to always remain in ”Jhinghalala Mode and constantly getting success in life”. Hope to receive huge success and meet you some day.


  11. Apurv

    Hi Arvindbhai…

    now even the book of sneh sir’s also hitting the upper ckt…100%… !!!!
    But really nice to have this article & keep it up … god bless you… !!!
    jay shri maharaj ki…jai shree ganeshji…!!!

  12. Sathish kumar G

    Hi Arvindji,

    As i no need to explain, how Money Matrix Book, The Secret movie and you influenced in me and changed in thinking positive and take decisions in a positive way.. Many of the followers in MMB knows that.. I am getting so many positive and pleasant surprises in my life because of the positive thinking after i read the Money matrix book by the Great Sneh Desai Sir’s.

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Sathish ji,
      Yes, the power of positive thinking and the influence of those books in our lives is simply amazing. Words can not really express the positive changes these have brought about. Keep thinking positively forever.

  13. girish151

    Arvind ji..
    Jai shree ganesh maharaj ki….
    congradulations to you arvind ji….
    special thanks to sneha sir…because we got “Positive Jackpot king Arvind ji”, Once again thank’s to sneha sir….& hearlty thank you arvind ji…so many peoples you are changing success life fully positive, Everyday i’m very happy arvind ji….& so many peoples now telling me always happy person….my frineds kidding me positive man…. more power i’m getting arvind ji…now i’m attracted to “Money matrix book”…
    thank you arvind ji……..well wish always with you worldwide…..

  14. Harjot

    First i am amazed by Sneh Sir’s Pic posted in blog. In such young age, sir made hundreds of students like you. Salute to all.
    I would like to have one copy of The Money Matrix and I am your another fan from Punjab and following your blog from 2 months but did not get chance to buy your recommended stocks because of my money blockage in other stocks.
    If it is possible, would you please share your email id with me, so i can send you my portfolio and restructure it.

    Thank you so much………

  15. Brahmadutt

    Dear Sir,

    I tried to subscribe 3 times on your website but all time i did not get mail to confirm it. I waited for long time but not getting mail , I checked all mail settings, nothing is wrong with my mail. There is am mistake on your site.
    I think its not sending mail on outlook domain. I got the same problem with another website.. Please check it..
    My mail ID is “”

    Thank you.

  16. Raj

    Hi Arvind ji,
    Recently i was following on MMB, however i am not able to post the messages in MMB. But everyday i am checking messages from you. Today gsk2006 posted the website details and immediatley visited the site and it was amazing posts and stock tips.
    my first entry was Take solutions at 65/- , now it is 140/-still holding it.
    Thank you very much sir for your tips for making money.
    will keep watching your messages without fail. Please suggest some new jackpot stock those who entered recently.

    Thanking you once again

  17. Arnab Guha

    Arvind, It is a great effort. Thanks for sharing your motivational story…..Long way to go…Keep it up….


    Dear Arvindji,
    I am following you for quite some time.
    I am overwhelmed by your courtuesness and your positive thoughts,
    your down to earth attitude. I would definately like to meet you
    and take the positive energy from you by the handshake.
    God bless you,
    Dhanyawad from my heart.

    From my family as well.
    Girish, Bharati, Atharva, Harsh.

  19. Narendra Vyas


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