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Experience the Joy of Giving With PM Narendra Modi’s LPG Subsidy GiveItUp Campaign

Hello Friends,
Hope you all are having a great weekend! Continuing with our series of positive thoughts about trying to give something back to the society, this post focuses on the latest GiveItUp campaign initiated by our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Government of India. This LPG subsidy GiveItUp movement was launched by Modi ji earlier this year in which he has appealed to all Indians (especially rich people, government officers and professionals) who can afford LPG at market price, to come forward and give up their LPG gas subsidy. This ‘Give It Up’ campaign on LPG subsidy has made many Indians aware of the benefits they could provide to the Below Poverty Line (BPL) families by giving up their gas subsidy to them. So, if you give up LPG subsidy, you can help a BPL family get LPG connection. It will be a great boon (gift of health) to such families, whose members suffer a lot from health issues caused due to indoor pollution through usage of fuels like fire wood, coal, crop waste, and so on. It will be a small gesture from us towards the welfare for our fellow countrymen. In fact, it is like we are donating good health and good food to such families. And such donation is even better than donating money, as at the end of the day, ‘Health is Wealth’. It is not mandatory to do so, but, if you can, it may prove beneficial to some people and you would get that feeling about ‘Joy of Giving’. This is just my personal opinion and each one of you is entitled to your own opinion.

By God’s grace, if things are good in our lives, we need to find ways of helping out others, wherever possible. The LPG subsidy give it up movement presents us with one such opportunity. There are many things in life which are beyond our control, but, this one is completely based on our decision. If we feel, it can prove useful to even one Indian, we can go ahead and give up our LPG subsidy online. As per the figures revealed by our government, 12.6 lakh Indians have given up their subsidy so far (as on July 22, 2015), making this one of the biggest ‘Give It Up’ campaigns so far. In India, more than 14.54 crore people are active LPG consumers and atleast 1 crore out of them are eligible to surrender their gas subsidy.

If you are thinking ‘How to give up my LPG subsidy online?’, then, the process is very easy. You can visit the GiveItUp LPG subsidy official website at: Then, you can fill the ‘Give It Up’ form by selecting your gas company (such as HP gas, Bharatgas, Indane, etc.) or go to its website. Alternatively, you can SMS your gas company from the same website. I won’t say much about this. It’s a feeling to be experienced. You will feel much better about yourself. Of course, most of us would be involved in some or the other acts of giving, and this is yet another chance to do so. Let’s help in the process of nation building by making this movement a grand success.

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