Bullish On Fertiliser Sector Chambal Fertilisers Stock

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Hello Friends,
Jai Shree Ganeshji Maharaj Ki. Jai Mata Di. Jai Dadi Ki. Your friend Arvind Bajaj has identified yet another potentially multibagger stock from Fertilisers sector in the form of Chambal Fertilisers stock (Chambal Fertilisers and chemicals), as on August 3, 2017. Yes, this fertilisers sector stock looks bullish at cmp 137.65 (and on dips) and investors can look at it for higher levels of around INR 180 in medium term, and INR 240 in the long term. Only investors who can hold this fertiliser sector gem patiently for a long period of time can look at Chambal Fertilisers stock at current share price, with an exit trigger below INR 105 approximately. To be a successful investor, one must follow the buying price range and exit trigger price levels very carefully. The same holds true for investors of Chambal Fertiliser shares. Kindly note to allocate only 5% of your portfolio in any one stock by following the investment method guidelines as describe at Arvind Bajaj Stock Investment Guidelines. To get PREMIUM GUIDANCE from ARVIND BAJAJ MONEY RAIN FINANCIAL SERVICES, you can send mail at arvindbajajmoneyrain@gmail.com

There are multiple reasons for being slightly bullish on Chambal Fertilisers stock (Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals share price). Further information about Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals company can be found on the Chambal Fertilisers official website. You can get more dedicated premium guidance for equity investment on Whatsapp by sending an email to arvindbajajmoneyrain@gmail.com.

Make sure you note the current market price of Chambal Fertilisers stock and as per this article, it looks attractive only around price of Rs.137.65. For people who can hold with patience for more than 1 year, Chambal Fertilisers shares can be a good equity investment bet. It is important not to hurry and watch out for key price levels in every stock that we invest in the equity market. Do your own equity research analysis or consult a financial analyst before actually investing in any stock and keep minting…hahahahaha!
You can join our services and get more such suggestions and stock investment guidance by sending an email at arvindbajajmoneyrain@gmail.com.

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    I am your big fan…..Money mint.
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