Arvind Bajaj Trend Based Analysis in the Indian Stock Market

Dearest Friends,
Jai Shree Ganesh Ji Maharaj Ki. Jai Mata Ki. Everyone of you who has been following me on MMB and on the blog must have heard me say several times that ‘Trend is King’ and go as per trend, while you are selecting any stock for investment. In fact, last year your friend Arvind Bajaj discussed about sugar sector emerging as the next trending sector. If one follows the trend, positive news will automatically follow. The trend is the ultimate pre-indicator of massive changes that happen in the basic fundamentals of any sector, stock or overall markets. It could result in unexpected and unimaginable changes.

There may be tonnes of fundamental analysis and technical analysis done on different stocks, but the most important indicator for any stock is a good trend-based analysis. Once you can come to terms with the identification of trends for stocks and sectors alike, you may give yourself a better chance to mint for a lifetime from the stock markets. This article is just to highlight the importance of trend that could potentially signal the bullish trend for many stocks that you are holding or plan to invest in. Follow the trend, and rest will follow automatically – stock price, Nifty levels, Sensex levels, etc….even money rain shall follow..hahahahaha!

Please stay tuned to this blog for further updates. Keep thinking positively and stay happy always!

Disclaimer: This blog is a property of ABMR (Arvind Bajaj Money Rain Financial Services), which is a SEBI registered entity. However, the updates on this blog are purely view points or perspectives and there is no sure-shot guarantee that things will work as discussed. We do not assure any guaranteed returns or profits, and advise readers to apply their prudence and consult any financial advisors before making investments. We are nor liable or responsible for any losses incurred (if any) by acting upon our updates / viewpoints.

I am Arvind Bajaj, primarily a renowned textile business man from Surat, Gujarat. I am a big follower of my life coach Dr.Sneh Desai and his preachings along with Money matrix book has had a big influence on my life. My daily dose of motivation to achieve bigger things in life comes from reading “The Secret” book and watching “The Secret” movie.

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9 thoughts on “Arvind Bajaj Trend Based Analysis in the Indian Stock Market

  1. Aravind

    Does that even make any sense. Why did you have to post this……..? Any way, I am guessing you have a stock idea and are excited to share its trend….

  2. Kenneth D'Souza

    Dear Arvindji
    Could you please send me the details of the trend based system or the proper link
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