*MultiBagger Doubles* Aiming to Fly High with Increasing SpiceJet Stock Price in Short Term

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Hello Friends,
Very Good Morning! Hope you all had a great start to a brand new week. Our old discussed stock ‘SpiceJet’ has doubled today by touching levels of Rs.47.5 approximately, after it was initially discussed earlier this year at around CMP of Rs.23 or 24. 100% returns in the same year. How great is this! Hope many of you have minted money in this counter. Keep thinking positively and enjoy the upmove in jackpots like SpiceJet…hahahaha…Jai Mata Di!

Dear Friends,
Hope you all are having a great start to a new week. There is high anticipation in the air with Union Budget 2015 just few days away i.e. on Saturday, 28th February’2015. As per my latest analysis, I have invested in SpiceJet Stock at levels of Rs.24 and aiming for near term higher expected levels of Rs.29 to Rs.32. This transport and logistics sector stock will need patience and I am going to hold it for good returns in 3 months time period. In this article, I will discuss about SpiceJet company background, SpiceJet stock price or CMP, future expected levels for SpiceJet stock, etc.

SpiceJet BSE Id500285
SpiceJet NSE Id – Not Traded in NSE for last 30 days
SpiceJet Current Market Share Price (as on 23rd February’15)INR 24

Arvind Bajaj’s Views on jackpot stock SpiceJet Shares in his Portfolio

As on 23rd Feb’2015, I have bought SpiceJet shares at price levels of Rs.24 from medium term perspective. I plan to hold it for atleast 3 months with higher expected levels of Rs.29 to Rs.32. I am bullish about a rise in SpiceJet stock price.

My Personal Bullish Expected Levels for SpiceJet Stock in my portfolioRs.29 to Rs.32 in 3 months

Company Background for SpiceJet

SpiceJet aims to empower everyone’s dream of flying by providing low-cost flight tickets or cheap airfare that can be afforded by all. They have been known for being a low-cost airlines and have always come up with huge discount offers on flight tickets in India. Their key features include dynamic fares through which they provide cheap flight tickets to travelers along with comfortable seating arrangements during air travel. SpiceJet flights are the most sought after when people try to book flight tickets online.

You can access further information about SpiceJet company and SpiceJet Offers at: SpiceJet Official Website

Please note that I always stick to basic guidelines before investing in the Indian stock market as I believe it will help you to stay patient and make profits in the long run. My methods for investing in stocks that I follow are:
Arvind Bajaj’s Methods of Stock Investment

To unravel the secret of always staying positive and enjoying money rain in our lives, one can follow the Money Minting Mind Program.

NOTE: The above information is purely my own personal take / view / discussion on SpiceJet stock after my analysis. I am not at all a certified Stock Analyst or Stock Broker or Research Analyst. All my readers of this blog are advised to perform their own analysis and consult any authorized research analyst or financial advisor before taking their investment decision.

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I am Arvind Bajaj, primarily a renowned textile business man from Surat, Gujarat. I am a big follower of my life coach Dr.Sneh Desai and his preachings along with Money matrix book has had a big influence on my life. My daily dose of motivation to achieve bigger things in life comes from reading “The Secret” book and watching “The Secret” movie.

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54 thoughts on “*MultiBagger Doubles* Aiming to Fly High with Increasing SpiceJet Stock Price in Short Term

  1. Hari

    I have been holding this stock for some time with loss, about to sell them as they reached the levels I have bought. Looking at your call, will hold to get some profit. Thank you Arvindji :).

      • Naveen.talreja

        Arvind ji maine sbi liya hai 310rs mai aur eros media liya hai 393rs mai aur jk ty liya hai 121 mai abhi aap kuch batainge ki kya karon sabhi mai loose ho rha hai aur mai 30 days to 45 days tak rok sakta hun to pls aap apni rai dijiye

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Sonu ji,
      I am hoping to see higher levels in SpiceJet and so I have invested some amount in this for few months.

  2. Rohit

    Arvind Ji, … I’ve become your co-passenger on Spice Jet Flight… Ha ha …Le daala @ 24.05…

    Hope to alight the flight post 30 + …..

  3. Jigar Desai

    Sirji….i completely trust your views….& hv started making profits…by following ur views about various stocks….

    Sirji…seeing da financials of spice jet…they r nt lukn gud.at current point of time…ther net losses hv widended highly & debts r also very high…they r also in da process of restructurting….so just wanted 2 knw….y r u so bullish on dis stock..??

  4. Arnab

    Thank you for your endeavor and your regular suggestion Arvind Ji. I am a great fan and follower of you.

    I have one point to share with you, Once I open you your webpage, lot of other web pages open…I will appreciate if that can be fixed.

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Arnab ji,
      I am trying out few things to optimize the website. You will soon get to enjoy a perfect version.

  5. Vikash Singh

    Arvindji plz tell me your view on manali petro,as yesterday it brks its major resistance of 18 with huge volume.kindly hv a look at this

  6. kumar chowdary

    Arvindji, God will be blessing you for helping everyone to become rich with your ideas. And the great thing is you spread positivity with very high speed. wishing you all the more best for you and everyone following you.

  7. Venkat

    Sir ji, please let me know your views on Sujlon. With the latest developments of Sevion sale & New Promoters (Sanghvi & family) on board. Waiting for You to jump-in, if You are convinced about the prospects.

  8. Bhavesh Lalwani

    Hello Arvindji, thanks a lot for new multibagger. Entered today.
    Can you please give your views on PC jeweller??

  9. Bina

    Dear Arvindji….you are truly a mascot of positivity…..really great work being done by you. I was just curious to know…when you personally invest in a new stock (like say this SpiceJet case) normally what is the ticket size of your investment? Hope you don’t mind…I know u mention 5% of total portfolio,but in absolute terms what is the figure for you per stock. Thanks sir

  10. Kanwal Deep

    Jai Shree Ganesh Maharaj ki Jai Arvind ji :)

    Today i have added Spice Jet (new jackpot call recommended by our own Jackpot Bhai :D ) @ 24.20 rs for hoping amazing Gain wid lots of patience ! I hv booked fully profit in Titagarh yesterday at 700 (bought at 435) and i m very happy for this. Thanksssss a zillion arvind bhai for ur wonderful calls. After great riding of Titagarh, Ab Time Spice Jet ki flight ko enjoy karne ka hai… i will add more if it goes down to 23-22 levles… arvind bhai 1 question… can we add more in NEXT MEDIA at these levels of 14-15-16 ?? i m already invested in this scrip after ur recommendation early this year. (Biggest jackpot of human history as u said :) Last but not least Thanksssssssss and God bless u.
    Money rain is going on.. Minting money in tonnes is d easiest thing in the world and i am minting money every second !!

  11. padmanabha

    arvind sir,

    I am a big fan of you and minted tonnes in TWL. please suggest your views on intl travel, opto circuits, poddar pigments for 6-9 months which I have invested before came to know about ur blog.

    Money rain will continue.

  12. Umesh Mishra

    Arvind ji ..aaj aapka koi message nahi aaya MMB par..i hope you are all right …please dont get distracted by people who want to drag you in unnecessary discussions ..thanks

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      umesh ji,ur frnd arvind bajaj in jhingalala mode and always will be,hahahahha, thanks for caring,sometimes i get need brake from regular postings on mmb,that gives me great relief and refreshment,meanwhile it alows my frnds to go thru my older posts as well,never cared fo boarders posting non positive coments,always looking at msgs of my frnds only !

  13. Kunal Goyal

    PIX Trans

    i bought with ur advice @80.80

    it went down

    u told me to hold further

    it still went down on a daily basis

    still asking for ur advice

    can you give an exact idea???????????????????????????????????

  14. Subhadeep Ghosh

    Hello Arvind ji,

    I only entered to share market 9-10 months with very limited money, in my initial 3 months I lost more than 20% of my investment by trusting my broker. Then I started following you, Anand, SMG and Valan on MMB board and now I able to recover my loss and standing on my invested amount. So a great thanks to all you.

    Corrently I am holding more than 20 scrips and want to reduce the count and your expart advice on what I should increase or decrease or exit. Below are my current holdings and investment price:

    Recently Entered:

    Ashok Leyland @59.04
    Bank of India @237.32
    Eros Intl @396.68
    Spice Jet @24.55
    Paushak Ltd @369.26
    Pipavav Defence @80.5
    SBI @304.51

    Also holding:

    Avanti Feeds @1141.21
    Capri Global @212.41
    Finolex Cables @279.22
    Force Motors @979.41
    JBM Auto Comp @205.8
    MM Forgings @472.07
    PTC India Fin @68.31
    Premco Global @219.05
    Kilitch Drugs @48.22
    Sonata @125.57
    Srikalahasthi @107.19

    Below are on huge loss:
    Dynemic Product @83.35
    Meghmani Organi @26.12
    Shilpi Cable @68
    Waterbase @67.32
    Ybrant Digital @57.96

    I have full faith on you and a great fan of all your recent calls. Please suggest me on managing my scrips and your views for next 3-6 months. Thanks for all your wise and expart advice.

    • Subhadeep Ghosh

      Arvind Ji, Please suggest me on managing my scrips and your views for next 3-6 months. Thanks for all your wise and expart advice.

  15. Shrinivas Pangnurwar

    Dear Arvindji
    I had searched many book stalls for Money Matrix book Sneh Desai Sir, but could not find, I had called Sneh Sirs office and ordered on fourth day I got it Magical response to the delivery. Thanks for the book.
    As said I had taken all my investments back from the markets i am going through the various aspects of the markets from the limited sources available, if possible kindly guide on any areas from where i can get general information other than Balance sheet reading.

    Many thanks for the book i dont think i need any other material for money. It requires time to absorb but i can implement it even in my profession.
    I shall need your guidance and support when i shall enter stocks it shall be during mid May sir.
    With regards,


    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      great decision srinivas ji, both of money matrix book,as well as taking time to learn before investing,best wishes to u,mu own book will come in refrence to technical analys in end of 2015.

  16. Jai Kumar

    Hi Arvind Ji,

    After reading your call about spice jet for short term yesterday i entered into it early in the morning at 23.9 levels and shall hold it with patience until you give exit call sir ji…

    Jhingalala :) :)

  17. Chandrakant

    Arvind Ji I have bought spicejet of 6000@23.5 so can you plz suggest me how long do I need to hold for good amt of profit

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Chandrakant ji,
      Holding Spice Jet for several months to achieve higher levels. Patience is the key here.

  18. Subhadeep Ghosh

    Arvind Ji,

    Please suggest my on my below holdings which are in huge loss. Should I book loss or Hold!!

    Dynemic Product @83.35
    Meghmani Organi @26.12
    Shilpi Cable @68
    Waterbase @67.32
    Ybrant Digital @57.96
    Pipavav Defence @80.5

    My recent Entries are. Hope to make good profit on these. Please be adviced..
    Ashok Leyland @59.04
    Bank of India @237.32
    Eros Intl @396.68
    Spice Jet @24.55
    Paushak Ltd @369.26
    SBI @304.51

    Please Arvind ji… Please reply..

  19. Sourav

    Hi Arvindji,

    Holding Spicejet with patience and am planning to hold for another 3-6 months. Till now around 19% down from my holding price. Even though I know that its a speculative stock but the way market is crumbling has given me a scare… Just need a “Abhay bani” from you… A simple “every thing will be fine” from will mean a lot to this chicken heart :( !


  20. Jai Kumar

    Hello Arvind Ji,

    I bought SJ at 24 levels.. Holding it till now as you haven’t given sell call for this. Hope the GST and quarterly results help the stock to move up. Please comment on this Sir ji..

  21. Pratibha Chaudhary

    sir is it recommendable to buy spicejet stock at cmp which is 18.05? and if yes for how long do you suggest to hold it further and upto what levels?

  22. Nisha Shah

    Arvindbhai, Your spicejet is rocking. though i was in loss in this scrip now IThanks to Ur conviction I’m in profit. Thanks once again.

  23. swapan k. mondal

    Arvind ji have you stopped recommended multibaggers to us – the common investors who are the most common prey of so-called expersts?

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