Adding Pix Transmissions Stock for Powerful Show Ahead

Pix Transmissions

Dear friends,
Hope you all are enjoying the money rain from stock markets. It is now time for me to discuss about a new jackpot stock for which I have not done any discussions on MMB or Facebook yet. Last week, I went through the charts for a new stock pick “Pix Transmissions” from rubber sector and found it pretty impressive. I am adding it to my portfolio for medium to long term with expectations of 100 to 120 levels in this stock. Please check out further details about this company, its background and the stock price being discussed below.

BSE Id for Pix Transmissions – 500333
NSE Id for Pix Transmissions – Not Listed
Current Pix Transmissions Share Price (as on 18th January’15) – INR 72.10

Pix Transmissions

Arvind Bajaj’s Views About Pix Transmissions Stock in his Portfolio

Pix Transmissions seems a good stock coming from the rubber sector. With its CMP being around 72-73, I have added it in my portfolio for great returns on a medium to long term basis. Additionally, this stock will help me diversify my portfolio with exposure to the rubber company stocks.

My Personal Bullish Expected Levels for Pix Transmissions in my portfolio – Rs.100 to 120 and more for long-term

Background for Pix Transmissions Ltd. company

This is a leading manufacturer for belts as well as related mechanical transmission products in India. It is known for its state-of-the-art units manufacturing belts. Also, it has a fully automated rubber mixing facility in Nagpur. It has good local and global presence in the power transmission industry sector. So much is its global reach that it has ongoing overseas subsidiary operations in parts of Europe & Middle East. If this was not enough, it has more than 250 committed channel partners in around 50 different countries of the world.

You can access further information about Pix Transmissions company at: Pix Transmissions Official Website

NOTE: The above information is purely my own personal take / view on Pix Transmissions based after my analysis. I am not at all a certified Stock Analyst or Stock Broker or Research Analyst. All my readers of this blog are advised to perform their own analysis and consult any authorized research analyst or financial advisor before taking their investment decision.

I am Arvind Bajaj, primarily a renowned textile business man from Surat, Gujarat. I am a big follower of my life coach Dr.Sneh Desai and his preachings along with Money matrix book has had a big influence on my life. My daily dose of motivation to achieve bigger things in life comes from reading “The Secret” book and watching “The Secret” movie.

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127 thoughts on “Adding Pix Transmissions Stock for Powerful Show Ahead

  1. dolly

    Hello and Good Morning Arvind bhai,
    Sir, I am a great fan of yours on mmb as dolly 890. I have been reading all your blog posts. The money minting program is awesome and gives great inspiration. Congrats sir, God bless you & your family. Regards!

  2. rohit saraogi

    Great call Arvind bhai. But, when I checked the price it was at 82 levels already. So, I couldn’t add on desired level. Can I still buy or should I wait for some dips? Thanks and congrats for this blog.

  3. Harsh Zala

    Arvind sir,
    I am new to your website. But, I have not experienced any of your share, so please suggest what to do! I have faith in you.

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Hello Harshji,
      Please check out the different articles in this blog with discussions about different stocks.

  4. sunny sangtani

    Kem cho Arvindbhai? I bought pix today at 80.70. What is the target price? Also, I am holding take solutions. Till when should I hold take solutions?

  5. Dhirendra

    Dear Arvind ji,

    I am a regular follower of you from last 8 months on mmb as dklife1, u r really big inspiration for all of us. minting money is very easy with you. god bless u abundantly.

  6. dinesh

    Dear Arvindji,
    I am having nectar at 37 and haldyn at 31. Currently, I am in heavy loss. Please suggest something.

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      dinesh ji remain diversified,not to invest only in 2 stocks,check my methods of investing post on this blog.

  7. Shameem Hathi

    Congrats Guruji for creating this great website. All the best and money has started raining on us (your believers) and ocean of money approaching towards us. THANKS A MILLION ….HAHAHAHAHA

  8. miteshdadia

    Thanks a lot Arvindji. Now, I am confident that I will become a billionaire. Special thanks to my god that I met you!

  9. Bina

    Arvindji….Greetings….looking forward to money rain for all of us !! Hve been your fan on MMB known as bintri. Added Pix at 80.95 today…Sirji please also guide target price & time span.


  10. neena kapoor

    Arvind Sir…….thanks a lot and once again immense gratitude for your tireless efforts and selfless service.

  11. Jamie84

    Isko le dala to life zhingala…Arvindji money minting continues in the new year…God Bless…Morepen ko bhi bhagao sirjee

  12. Chetan Bhesania


    Missed todays rally in Pix Transmission….probably will get chance tomorrow to enter jackpot….hahahaha

  13. tanmoy

    Arvind Bajaj – the great king of stock market. I am following you on MMB named joyrock14. Happy to have you here. Pix will rock sir.

  14. varalakshmi

    dear arvindji,

    please put your comments on freshtrop fruits. for the past ten days it has reached to rs.170 from rs.120. what is your opinion?


  15. Pankaj Arora

    Dear Sir,
    First of all congratulate & I must say this is really very impressive website.
    Sir, Kindly reply to this email.

    I had purchased Dhunseri Investment at 175 , when stock has already taken a uptrend ( Which I found the same in case with Pix Trasnmission).
    Sir, kindly guide by what time dhunseri will achieve its target which you have quoted as well as if share fall down below 100 shall i add more or exit at loss.

    Sir, kindly reply either by email or commenting below here.

  16. Ajay Kumar

    Arvind Ji
    I am trying to make a good portfolio for a hold period of 6 mths to 1 yr. Adding a rubber industry stock came up to my mind. So I chose Rubfila over Pix. Would like to listen to your view on this..Kindly reply.

  17. Hemen Mehtalia

    Jai shree ganeshji maharaj ki. Added Pix @82. Thanks bhai I am your silent follower hemen09 from mmb. Please do keep your blessings showering on all of us.

  18. Ashish

    I have 16000 Ashok Leyland @35, can hold for long term as i have seen in your blog about the TGT of 150/500 in 6 to 2 years.

    Is it a good idea to book profit, or diversify the it in different stock, aspecially when this has great long term.

  19. Rushank Shukla

    Jai shri Ganesh ji maharaj ki Arvind ji

    I hope tame mazama haso. I hv been busy these days as my grandma is not well. So I haven t been able to like and post comment on our post on fb and mmb sir ji. I ll add pix tomorrow. Thanks for this and many more jackpots…..

  20. Pinky

    Hello Arvindji on mmb my id is pinky191 ..I m not able to add pix due to insufficient funds. Added godrej properties..but thank you for all your recommendations ..m happy and enjoying profits

  21. C.P.

    Jai Shree Ganesh Ji Maharaj ki
    Dear Arvind ji,

    Today i added Dhunseri Investment @ 130. . . . And Pix @ 79….
    Now i m waiting for Jhingalala mode in both stock… As i got unexpected return on ur VALUABLE OPINION in Take Solution and Capital First ( Bought @ 255) ….

  22. Girijan Sankaran Nair


    A silent fan of you from Saudi Arabia. Adding today Pix Transmissions.
    Kudos to your blog, which I wish could have been there much earlier.

  23. CA Hitesh Purohit

    Arvind Bhai……..
    You Persona and way of Conversing Online is Awesome……Big Big Fan of Yours Dude………Truely liked your attitude towards life….specially The Quote “Life’s in Zingalala Mode”!!!

      • mmbUser

        Helli arvind ji, today i made a purchase at 83 but unfortunately the price came down by end of trading session today. Can you please let me know if i can expect any rise over my purchase price or sell the lot as soon as i receive it.

        • Arvind Bajaj Post author

          Pix is bullish on a long-term basis as per my above stock discussion. Please be patient to reap rewards in future.

  24. hardik salot

    thanks a lot arvindji added today at 80rs….
    congrats for the blog and god bless for such a good work :D
    loads of love arvindji………..

  25. kunalgoyal

    Arvind Ji Namaskar

    I have purchased pix trans @80.8

    please suggest have i entered at right level and should i continue or is it a late entry

  26. sunil singh

    Hi arvind , i am your old member of MMB in the name of VCLSUNIL, always reading your message since last 8 months , hope you remember me.
    wish you all the best for the facebook.
    PIX is looking very good on charts.

  27. Atul Wagh

    Hello Arvindi,

    Thank you very much for starting this blog site for all your followers. As of now, I have added Haldyn, nector life,kalyani, syncom formulation. And all these stocks are rising towards our target…

    I had taken HCL infosystem and assam company. Should I remain invested in these two stocks?

  28. Azdar Khan

    Arvind ji.. Big fan of urs.. Plz tell me abt videocon ind and gammon ind. Rest of the stock wht is ur recommended stocks.. Hv full faith in those stocks.. But lz tell me abt these two stocks ? Regards

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      videocon is usels stocks khan ji,gammon can move one interest rate cycle reverse,which already started!

  29. rimit

    Arvindji congrats on the jingalala blog

    Arvindji Added Pix Transimissioon @ 76 and Arrow Textiles @ 27.10



  30. rknirmal

    Hi Arvindji, its been 7 days since I have started money-minting visualization and feel extremely positive. Will do continuously for min of 21 days for making it into a habit as you have suggested. Thank you very much. The last 7 days have been very positive for me. My way to look at things have changed. My sincere thanks to you for posting the money-minting program, Arvindji. Also, have been reading `Think and Grow Rich` by Napoleon Hill. You know Arvindji, the underlying message of the book is the same as you have mentioned in Money Minting program and also in the book `The Secret`. Am enjoying the money rain on a daily basis, in my mind for now. Btw, I have posted this here because I have bought PIX @ 74 today.

  31. Mujahid

    Almost 40 % down !! Request your review on this stock !! Results look pathetic.. Need your views to add more or book losses in this counter?????

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Mujahid ji,
      Keep holding this stock like me for atleast 6 months. The next quarter results would be positive.

  32. Pavan bhat

    Arvindji…..pix posted bit bad results,holding at 78…bit worried,hpe its a hold..pls reply arvindji…….

    • Arvind Bajaj Post author

      Pavan ji,
      Yes, Pix is a hold. I am holding it from 6-months view and hoping for a good next quarter results.

  33. Sam

    Dear Arvind Ji,

    Pix had missed when you suggested. Is CMP a good point to enter or should the results impact take it lower ? Apologies for bothering – not trying to time the lowest price just wanted your opinion.


  34. Arun R

    Hello Arvind Ji,

    Is it OK to enter into Pic Transmissions? Expecting your view on this regard.

    -Arun R

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